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 The History of the Axiom and Admial Sven T. Nitrate

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The History of the Axiom and Admial Sven T. Nitrate Empty
PostSubject: The History of the Axiom and Admial Sven T. Nitrate   The History of the Axiom and Admial Sven T. Nitrate EmptySun Jan 16, 2011 7:49 pm

Just a partial history of my newest full addition to the BioAndronian Ship Identification Database, the Axiom and the Axiom XVII, as well as the latter's captain and a bit about him and his radical mindset.

Just would like to put it out there, that the idea for the Axiom XVII, its exploits, and its valiant commander, Admiral Sven, came from the brilliant composers of Ace Combat: Joint Assault's BGM, specifically the Varcolac track, which started the gears of the BASID up once again, after a nearly two-year hiatus. (Due credit also goes to the "In The Zone" track as well, which insprired many of the events the two ships went through, as well as the series-present Linkage, the song accompanying all the breifing screens in various forms, especially Remix 2, the Linkage accompanying the Golden Axe Plan's briefing. Most badass song ever.)

If you've seen my newest background image post, then you'll see where the quote on the image comes from- I made it myself, and sweet jesus it took three hours to make it sound right. (IMHO, it sounds very historical and profound, something that would without a doubt be remembered in a history book.)

Just a spur-of-the-moment addition, but the word 'Axiom' in BioAndronian, means 'The valiant deeds of the unknown'.

Another addition made right this second: The Axiom was built at Euphoria Drydock, Series II, Dock 14, while the Axiom XVII was built at Downdraft's legendary Chasm Series Drydocks, specifically at Chasm Four, Dock 104, Series IV. (Which, despite its number, is the second largest of the Chasm series of drydocks.)

*The Dock 'Series' refers to the type of insilation it was built under. Series II is the most modern type of yard as of the end of Project One Man War and the start of Project Shattered Skies (Where the Zero War takes place) while Series IV is the current military yard of this time frame, between Shattered Skies and Project N-25. (Actually, between Shattered Skies and the First Fall of Kororodonono, which happanes a little earlier then Project N-25.)


----A Heavy Cruiser dating back to when the 53rd MCOH was named the Fallen First Legion Aerospace Fleet, and more or less allied with the Imperial BioAndronian Empire, during the opening days of the Zero War. The Axiom was originally going to be a Destroyer, until a second assault on Axiom boosted its placement to a higher ACV position. The Axiom replaced the Warsprite, and the name Warsprite shifted to the next Heavy Cruiser in line after the Axiom.

----The Axiom was assigned as a member of the Task Force Terror, a hunter-killer, searching for the remains of the once grand BioTerror Army, an army comprised of huge, semi-sentient mechanical beasts that used the spiritual life force of its prey to power itself, sustaining them long past the point where they would have physically died. (A spirit has essentially infinite power, but a huge amount of that is needed to nourish the soul, which animates the body. (Spirit is, say, the personality, the likes and dislikes, while a soul is the barrier between natural life and artificial life, the reason why you can make a body no problem, but it won’t have life.) During its career, the Axiom successfully engaged thirty BioTerrors, achieving a personal Engage-and-Destroy rate of 86%. It was crippled three times, once by a BioTerror damaged but not destroyed, which turned on it in a suicidal charge, breaking off the underside sensors and nearly tearing free two engines before it was subdued and destroyed. It served in the FFLAF past the end of the Zero War, until four thousand years afterwards, when it was deployed as part of the GDA’s Task Force Terror, hunting remnant Zero Units. Upon revision from False Space, it and the TFT was greeted by a Fleet much larger then they had been numbered at, and the Axiom sacrificed itself in the ensuing escape so that the other surviving ACV’s could escape alive. It valiantly took down over twenty patrol ships, eight Frigates, a Destroyer and two Light cruisers with it, before it was struck with an overwhelming broadside from a pair of Heavy Cruisers, and two full volleys from a Missile Destroyer. Even though heavily crippled, the Axiom’s captain would not relent, and managed to turn the stricken ACV around and plough at one of the attacking Heavy Cruisers, ramming it at half speed before the engine crew deliberately redlined the power output, detonating the engines and taking both ships out in a huge explosion. (This also served to distract and screen the pursuers.)

----The crew of the Axiom were all given a double promotion, posthumously, for their valiant efforts to ensure the survival of allies, and for their brave conduct in the face of impossible odds to destroy a significant portion of an enemy Fleet.

----Another Heavy Cruiser, but this time after the Zero War, well after in fact, into the six billionth year, UAT. This Axiom commemorates the loss at Axiom, which fell, finally, after seventeen tries across almost one and a half billion years. It commemorates the valiant defense efforts of all of the Axiom Defense Forces those sixteen victorious battles, and the solid defense that left the attackers with a crisis.

----The Axiom XVII, is also a metaphor for the bloodshed on the surface, where the ADF was battered into atoms from cowardly orbital bombardment. In addition, it was commissioned as a subtle hint at the counterattack, which happened two weeks later, where Task Force 3, spearheaded by the Sensor Destroyer Exile and the flagship Arbitration II led a force of over six hundred thousand ACV’s back into the fight, with no demands and no heed paid to terms of surrender. Their only objective was the complete and utter destruction of the enemy fleet and ground forces, which was achieved with bloody precision. When word of the population’s complete removal was found out, the gloves were off and the Supercarrier Reprisal was authorized to unleash the full power of the Requiem Cannon on the planet, which, suffice to say did the job with grim satisfaction. Axiom is now a memorial planet, and a new station where the elite Soul Knights are sworn in.

----The Axiom XVII’s Captain, Admiral Sven T. Nitrate, is a very serious realist, and during the entire construction period, was always questioning things, and commenting about life to the effect of ‘it is terrible, and we are to blame’. He envelops the severely negative naming conventions of the IBAE and GDA ships, into his own thinking, and often has his moments where he considers disobeying commands. Ultimately, he does not, not because he is a coward or because it would keep him alive, but because he is resigned to his fate as a puppet of the Imperial BioAndronian Empire, and later as a servant of the Global Defense Army Navy. While in the GDAN, he does think of himself more then dirt, thanks to the encouragement of those around him, and although he does manage to begin to enjoy life the way most people do, he still never quite feels right doing it. For Sven, his life, all of it that he can remember, has been painful memories, violent wars, and corrupt government. To him, life is not something to cherish, it is something to be afraid of.

----Moreover, the best part is not only is that probably true, but it’s impossible for one to prove for or against.

----The most ironic thing is that in all his apparent negativity (to us, although he does agree that he thinks highly negatively (even corrosively so) he still believes firmly that there is no positive and negative.) he died the happiest man ever to live in the Universe, before or since. He died righteous, dying for the personal gain of another, among other things. His is one legacy that, although virtually unknown, commands such a scope as to rival that of Snpr’s, Seven’s, and later Ocean’s, as well as the entire GDA. His legacy is the only one to continue on in the minds of the people (without them knowing it); always making one or two people have a thought about the matter, and sometimes, a new visionary is born.

----There are those who would condemn him for interfering with other’s lives this way, but Sven would speak of history and time itself: this was their destiny, just as it was his to die and pass on his legacy.

From the logs of Admiral Sven T. Nitrate:


Admiral’s report, 6B5HM-X. I find it amusing that I’m starting a report already, on a ship that doesn’t even have a coherent shape yet. [Long Pause] I don’t even know what compelled me to come up here anyways. Maybe it was the spirit that no doubt lucks in this empty shell, this- this, mockery of what happened at the place of its namesake. Axiom. It always was just a far-away planet, a place not many people cared about. It may be close in our hearts now, but it’s even farther in distance. Space. Reminds me of something I heard from Admiral Ocean all those years ago: “Then nothingness was not, nor existence. There was no air then, nor heavens beyond it. Who covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping? Was there then cosmic water, in depths unfathomed?” How ironic, this is. It is not the Earth these people unknowingly refer to, but the vast expanse of space itself. ‘Nothingless was not’, feh, nothingless is still not, along with existence. There still is no air, and if by heavens they meant planets, then only the farthest thing from a heaven exists beyond this airless expanse. Who covered it? Nobody. We may delude ourselves into believing we cover it, but Space is a tough mistress. Space is resentful, hateful, rejecting. Where was it? Where wasn’t it? The kicker here is that it is nowhere and everywhere at once. An absolute blanket of nothing. Quaint. In whose keeping? Only the most bloody aggressors, that’s for sure. Cosmic water? That would be a godsend. First person to drown in water in hard vacuum. Escape this nonsense.

For after all what is man in nature? A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing. A central point in between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either. -Blaise Pascal


A naturally habitable planet- and a hospitable one at that- is something to be grateful for. There and countless stars and countless planets in our Universe, but so precious few that life can spring up on without help. But here we are, those who for so long have searched the expanses for as many lives as we can, preparing to end that which we long for. When this behemoth is finished, this hypocritical memoir, I will have at my fingertips the power to level entire species on a whim. Why? Why is it that we cannot compromise, co-exist? Why is it that fear and power must be at the forefront of diplomacy? I fail to see the true logic in these decisions, as have those before me. However, I am but one, helpless to change many. I reject the system, but the system does not yet reject me. I am still of use to it. I reject and I reject, yet I continue to serve. What does one have to do to escape this damnation of a life? Is there any sancturary left in the expanse? If there anyone else who cares? By the reassuring touch of Hope, there are many, scattered among the stars, but by the cold, hard- true- gaze of Logic, I know it not to be true. There are those who rebel, but rebel for their selfish reasons, deluding themselves that they do so for the greater good. To believe in a greater good is to be selfish, for there is no good or bad in this Universe. Only Truth and Deceit. What a place we live in. Our ‘home’, tainted by our selfish desires, our cutthroat instincts, and our hateful establishments.

What a place, we live in. What a place, indeed…

…To fall.

Eclipsing power is, at times, not only the instrument of demons, but also of gods. -Huckebein the Raven


For then why, as was, is, and ever will be, was it to be? Was it the misperception of the overlords of the steady march of time, or an effect of the true shambles of history? All is for nought, when that which commands high over Logic in the time of need, lays its final sentence. Those who oppose in violence are to be given due penance, their bodies torn asunder and their souls shattered, but may their spirits remain free from harm, for it was the cruel workings of Mistress Destiny, not their own effects, that started the inevitable rise to opposition…

..I would not wish that of Time’s utter rage befall any, no matter how ‘just’ the workings may appear. Beware Time’s ‘march’- avoid its crushing steps.

The History of the Axiom and Admial Sven T. Nitrate 27478612
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The History of the Axiom and Admial Sven T. Nitrate
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