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 My Magnum Opus

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Veteran Writer
Veteran Writer

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My Magnum Opus Empty
PostSubject: My Magnum Opus   My Magnum Opus EmptyMon Jan 10, 2011 10:36 am

This is just an outline of my Magnum Opus, so if anyone has any constructive criticism...

  • Main character finds device

  • Device has parasitic worm creature

  • Talk about belief in aliens and lack of friends…

  • People dump paint and bully character

  • A natural loner; quiet and socially awkward

  • Believes to be transforming (ascending)

  • Talk in journal entry forms, written after the events: some spoken clinically (cold, scientific, almost amoral), some as if character is speaking (hurried and more emotional)

  • Develops mental powers; begin developing sporadically (starts off as random mind reading or advance danger warning)

  • Develops control over mental powers (an urge almost as if being controlled (the parasite))

  • Throws bully through wall; becomes a freak at the school

  • Leaves the school for a few days, than comes back to the scared and suspicious school

  • Faced with the school turning against him, stops caring what they think and enjoys their fear

  • There is one girl throughout his journals that doesn’t pick on him and is nice to him, really likes her (realizing only because she is nice to him) wants to see her smile, doesn’t return his affection

  • The parasite increases the flow of certain chemicals in his brain, specifically the ones for anger and lust
    Talks to girl, and asks if she likes him; she responds as friends

  • Attempted rape of the girl he likes; almost goes through with it, but her crying and tears make him stop and runs away

  • Realizes that he’s becoming a monster (writing “I’m so sorry” and “I can’t do this anymore”), than the journal cuts off

  • Writes about killing himself and stopping the parasite (writes of the parasite knowing what he is going to do and trying to stop him)
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Experenced Writer
Experenced Writer

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My Magnum Opus Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Magnum Opus   My Magnum Opus EmptyTue Jan 11, 2011 9:14 am

This sounds really intresting ! I like the idea on how your writing it in journal entries form, in different forms of the it being spoken in. (:
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My Magnum Opus
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