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 A Tormented's Tale

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PostSubject: A Tormented's Tale   Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:31 am

I despise blue
It is a pure colour,
It is a kind colour
It is a colour of lies.

I was pure, a healer of great strength.
Everything I did was in the service of the Him,
Everything I thought and loved
I did so for the creator.
I was such a fool.

I was brought before Him,
To receive recognition, praise and awards from Him.
I grew drunk from His praise,
His and the mindless puppets of his court.
I should have closed my ears,
Though it would have done no good.

The court was a lively place,
It was full of humour and light.
The best were the ladies of court.
There was one, who stood out no matter where she was.
She was a seductive innocence, bright and wonderful.
A vision of loveliness, hair of gold,
Eyes of blue that the oceans dared to try and imitate.

I watched her, as she talked and twirled with the court.
She was close to Him, His favourite of all of us.
I watched, and lust turned to passion.
Did passion turn to love?
It must have been love.
For only love can be so painful.

She spoke to me, suddenly and cheerfully.
It was silk on my ears,
A seductive voice, full of innocence and temptation.
The paradox, the cursed paradox.
That was the day I fell.
The moment she spoke I should have ran,
But I could never run, not from her.
Never from her.

She spoke of Him, of a cruelty he held.
She clouded my mind,
Or perhaps, she opened it.
I shall never be sure.

She begged me to save her,
To free her, and everyone,
From Him, the cruel master.
As she spoke and the words fell like drizzled honey.
I listened, I could not, would never stop listening.

She spoke of a day,
He would be at his weakest.
I would strike then,
Force him to his knees and free her.
She would be free, as the albatross.
To soar in the sky,
The world watching in pleasure.

I did as she asked and struck.
He laughed as I spoke of a challenge.
Then he spoke, with such cruelty
It nearly brought me to my knees.

“You are arrogant to challenge me.
Have I not brought you acclaim, and all you could want.
What has driven you to challenge you creator?”
He pondered this while his court laughed at me,
Laughing at the foolish Icarus.
I would soon learn the difference between us,
Was as vast as the endless sky.

He snorted and accepted the challenge,
Languidly rising, slowly drawing a blade.
Angered by his arrogance, how could he not take this serious.
I trembled with righteous rage,
And with all my might, I Struck.

I barely made it three steps forward,
Before he struck.
I fell, as my world turned red,
Not from rage, but my own blood.
He looked at me, as if I was a child.
As if I was nothing but a game to him,
As if I wasn’t worth any effort.

I could not speak, Could not scream,
In rage and horror at the image in front of me.
My angel, my obsession of innocence,
Watching me fall with twisted satisfaction.
Her eyes, those beautiful blue eyes,
Mocked me, enraged me.
I could not move.
She brought this about,
What for? Amusement?
Hatred? Did she have a goal in mind for me,
Or was I chosen cruelly by chance.

He looked down eyes full of pity,
“A pity, wasted potential always is.
You sought above your station,
power that was not yours.
For this you shall be cursed.
No longer shall you heal,
But destroy.
No longer shall love be yours,
Only fear and scorn.”

He waved His hand and I changed.
Alabaster skin, darkening to ebony.
It cracked with lines of red,
Breaking with cracks permanently forming.
Hair as soft as fur,
Became a burning fire as hate flowed through me.
And my eyes, once a chocolate brown,
Were changed to pits of black and gold.
I screamed throughout it all,
Whether from pain or misery,
I do not know.

The final change was the greatest.
And the worst.
Large wings, black and leathery,
Burst from my back.
The ripped out with the top of the wing
Pointing to the ground
The wings were not pure, they were dark,
An imitation of the wings I once had,
Nothing more than a cruel imitation.

I had been used.
That thought echoed throughout my mind.
I allowed myself to lose everything.
Just because of Her.
Damn her,
Damn her and her blue eyes.

He cast me down to a world of pain.
I screamed at Him, even as my throat bled.
“I will have revenge, I will never be satiated.
I will crush what you make,
Remake what you destroy.
I will oppose you, till one of us is dead.
I will break the marble pillars,
Melt the golden gates.
I swear that as long as I exist,
So long as I am dammed!”

I should have ran,
I should have covered my ears.
I couldn’t, not from her,
Never from my angel.
Curse Him, curse Her.
But most of all,
Curse myself, for being so damn weak.

Looking back, it was my fault.
Directly or indirectly, I still cannot decide.
But I shall not rest, not till He is dead.
Not till I have plucked out those eyes,
Those lying, cursed, blue eyes.
I truly hate the colour blue.
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A Tormented's Tale
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