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 Troubled Windows Series

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Who is your favourite Windows-Tan?
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Any of the OS-Kuns except 2k-Kun
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Troubled Windows Series Empty
PostSubject: Troubled Windows Series   Troubled Windows Series EmptyWed Jan 05, 2011 2:22 pm

A really hilarious series of images and short strips about the Windows Girls, literally avatars of the various Operating Systems. (Called OS-Tans)

They range from high-skill manga pages to strip-style MSPaint graphics. (usually for 98's parts, and a fair bit of ME's too)


191 epic images. (This was a lot more popular back in ~2004 - ~2005 when they were being made)

Some characters:

3.1-Tan (Not really heard of, but still there.)

95-Tan (The golden standard. Extremly violent.)

98-Tan (Apparently a boy. XPHome-Tan walked in on 98 and Homeo, after 98 walked in on one of Homeo's crossdressing sessions, and screamed "A dickgirl and a cross-dressing boy?" I belive 98 likes Homeo, because they share an awkward moment when 98 walks in on Homeo, there isn't too much of 'ewwwww'. Just awkward figeting. Actually, it's hard to tell which one is the cross-dresser, because both of them are wearing girl clothes at the time, and if both of them are male, it could go either way. (Maybe Home-Tan thinks Homeo is really a girl. It could make sense, because Homeo doesn't really get weirded out when Home-Tan is reading the male love story. But then Homeo comment of "I wish I was born a girl" wouldn't make sense. Because of this, he is immune to the 98 twins passes at him (or is that because Home-Tan is just always perverted around him?) and when he said he wishes he was born a girl, he also follows up by ending "because then sis and I could..." In the context of the male love story, you get what he's thinking: Yuri moment. Not that it would be much different either way, given Home-Tan's perverseness. XD)

98SE-Tan (Green shirt, blue hair. Died once.)

2k-Tan (Little Kid Version? Appears both in a small 2k-San version and with the same body as Server-Tan.)

2k-Tan (2000 Professional; Dependable; Overheard Homeo giving Home-Tan a Shiatsu Massage, and mistook it for both of them getting frisky. A confrontation later doesn't help, because 2k asks a general question, which has no direct refrence to what 2k-Tan THINKS they did, so Home-Tan thinks she's referring to the massage. 2k probably went into Funitari mode afterward, knowing her. (In another strip she smacks into Home-Tan (Homeko is her nickname apparently) and they end up kissing, resulting in 2k's involuntary opening of all her porn files, named her Funitari mode. Homeko smacks sense into her though. XD)

2k-Kun (Also overhears Homeo massage, and thinks the same as 2k-Tan. Congradulates Homeo, but Home is baffled.)

Me-Tan (Happy to help... but completely useless. Also has a lookalike that seems to be a sister figure, although she's evil.)

NT-Tan (Really, really bossy. Also, there is a motherly NT with blue hair and no ears, so maybe that's her mother, or maybe NT wasn't such an ass. (Only problem is if that's true, she shrunk because she's holding hands with ME and 2k as kids.)

XP-Tan (First came 95. Then came 2k
Professional. Now we have XP.)

XPHome-Tan (Green. Abuses Homeo. (She told him a bedtime story about two men in love, which is why Homeo wishes he was a girl, ergo, why he crossdresses.)

Homeo-Kun (Home-Tan's crosdressing brother. usually sleeps in the same bed with XPHome, but once thought he was a girl when he got to frisky in his sleep. Got drunk once, and both 98's tried to make him look like a perv. Posts on /B/ *gasp*)

XPHome-Kun (Extremly muscular, and meets up with USA-XP in the mountans. (The USA-Tans are hideous, and USA-XP is a woman with huge muscles. Hideous. (I'm not being sexist. Just the way she's dressed (wrestler spandex and like... stickers...) and the fact that she's got huge muscles and makes XP-Tan look flat-chested is just so wrong.) He's got a huge scar on his chest, and apparently doesn't wear a shirt. (Actually, I thought his chest was like a chinese fighter's shirt till I looked closer. he's got the pigtail to match it.)

Server-Tan (The one with the fish body. Probably that was used because she looks like Luka from Vocaloids.)

Apple-Tan (White girl with the stem from the apple logo on her hat/hair. Uses bombs. Fought with 95-Tan back in the day.)

DOSKitty (Only shows up in two comics, but 98 goes into DOS mode. ME gets turned into a DOSKitty for just being there.)

Linux (Not in Troubled Windows; A huge penguin-like thing with a beard. Creepy. Very much so.)

Firefox-Tan (only shows up like twice, but still worth note. Comes alone or with Thunderbird-Tan.)

InuT (A cute dog-like OS-Tan. usually only wears a shirt, but clearly doesn't care. InuT is a play on words, but in Japanese. She's really part of the NT Family.)

Longhorn-Kun (Aka VISTA. Has hiedously long horns, and smacks ME-Tan in the face once. Evil.)

Norton Antivirus (The perverted old man antivirus)

The OS Rangers (Peke Vulcan) (Represent the colours of the XP toolbars, Green, Blue and Red. Silver seems to think it's pink. (I say it because Red calls Silver he, but Silver clearly has breasts.)

Toshiaki-Kun (The owner, poor, unemployed, and usually hated by 2k-Tan because he's constantly overworking her for porn.)

Also, for those of you who know of Vocaloids, Miku's leek was taken from ME's 'sister', not from Bleach. Which is rather funny, because it's ME of all things.

Troubled Windows Series 27478612
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Troubled Windows Series
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