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 Fighter Ace Do's and Don'ts

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Fighter Ace Do's and Don'ts Empty
PostSubject: Fighter Ace Do's and Don'ts   Fighter Ace Do's and Don'ts EmptyWed Jan 05, 2011 11:56 am

Note: Fighter Ace is an offline-only game as of August of last year. It's still quite fun though.

DO just run millitary power and scream towards your target- the only time it is essential you DON'T, is when you have low fuel.

(Applied to FA when it was online) DON'T be a rammer. Just because you think you suck at dogfighting doesn't mean you do. Most dogfighters are professionals at this, and you simply can't measure up to that kind of skill. Just fly high and spot some bombers or unsuspecting targets. Remember, there is only one rule in the skies: survive at any cost.

(Online) DO vulch (shoot planes taking off), but don't make it a habit. Do it once, and then wait until the plane is in the air at least, and has some sort of chance to crash itself.

DO take any bombload you want- the pros might advise otherwise, but that is what they use because it works for them. If you suck at divebombing, more is better. A 2000lb bomb doesn't count for shit if you miss.

DON'T think you can torpedo bomb a Major-difficulty or Level 5 Gunner Battleship and survive every time. You probably can't if you shoot for effect, especially alone. Just get as close as you can to ensure maximum accuracy, and drop the torpedo. Unless you've got bombs with you, try your best to just turn tail and run, but don't be surprised. And remember- the moment you see the damage board start to turn red, drop the torpedo! If your wing is torn off and your controls are out, you loose ordinance control abilities.

DO Kamikazi on naval battlegroups. Especially if they are far-off. Score is irrelevant, getting that carrier down is. The J9Y Kikka of the Imperial Japanese Air Force is a venerable Kamikazi plane, because it can load a fair wallop, and it is one of the few planes whose guns can do some damage on a Battleship. It's faster to make one-pass suicide runs then try to go home with heavily damaged engines. (And in a jet fighter, if you loose one engine you have to manage the second, because too much G-Shear will turn the engine off, regardless of Neg-G's Stall Engine settings. 20% is usually good for remaining in constant thrust without too much shear, but you still have to either trim or shot the engine off every so often.)

DO try to bomb ships with bombers. It's hard, but if you can sucessfully drop at least three bombs on a Cargo-class ship from a heavy bomber, I consider you a Naval Level Bombing Ace. (Less on Guadalcanal, because the ships have huge straight runs which makes it easier. But that's only on the now-gone offline map. Only Naval Bombing supports ships now.)

DO suicide attack air bases. Some FW-190's can hold eight small bombs. With good accuracy, you can take out at least four objects and slam into another one. Remember: AA and Flack guns will always die when you hit them, and Outposts and small ammo bunkers usually will. Try to shoot as many targets down as you can before slamming into one though.

(Online) DON'T be afraid to loiter. Say you're part of a Lancaster raid, but you brought Cookie Bombs. Rather then charge in, stay back and climb. Enemy fighters will pursue retreating Lancasters, not noticing you. You can then disable any targets brought online while the others RTB to rearm for another pass, as well as report any takeoffs to allies. The Lancaster may seem like a BUFF, but that bombsight can make it a good CAP aircraft. (Another good CAP aircraft of the B5N2 Kate, a small target with a nice ceiling and acceptable speed. A quaint little CAP aircraft, it has better maneuverability than a quad-engine, so it can participate in CAP activities and drop its three bombs (or single 1800) as needed.)

(Online) DO vulch with bombs. As with the loitering, if you can get up at 40,000-50,000 feet in a small bomber, you can hump gathering aircraft. Not only can you spot aircraft waiting for participants at a midline field, but you can get any number of kills in an instant. The 'nukes' are excellent for this role- their radius is more then enough to destroy every plane on the tarmac waiting area on runway-type fields.

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Fighter Ace Do's and Don'ts
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