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 Hydro One: Greedy Pigs

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Ocean Seven
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Hydro One: Greedy Pigs Empty
PostSubject: Hydro One: Greedy Pigs   Hydro One: Greedy Pigs EmptyWed Dec 08, 2010 3:13 pm


Sweet jebus this is insane. my favourite part of reading this was one replier without a name who said that the guy was at fault, and that it was a good thing he had 12K in the bank, 'things must have been going good!'

Obvious flaw in arguement: THATS PROBABLY GODDAMN RETIREMENT MONEY. The guy is 71. Pretty damn sure you aren't going to be working at that age. He probably set up an account for auto withdrawl and left a bunch of money in there. He hasn't work for six goddamn years, things, realistically speaking, have been complete balls for six years.

Still, what kind of crazy crap do you have to do to rack up a $500 monthly charge, in reality? We ran our electron-slaughtering laser printer quite a lot last month and we sure didn't rack up crazy charges. (You can tell it sucks energy like its going out of style because whenever it turns itself on for use the lights housewide dim, and every battery backup station in the house screams at you, reporting a severe strain going through it. It's like our old hair dryer, only on a much larger scale. (That thing just dimmed the lights in the bathroom, but it sure as hell was noticable. The light looked like a really bright shade of brown, IIRC.)

And to sum it up, basicially Hydro One is acting like so:

Hydro One: Greedy Pigs 27478612
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Hydro One: Greedy Pigs
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