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 SSBP-2: The Imperial Russian Ship, IRS Сталинград VI

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SSBP-2: The Imperial Russian Ship, IRS Сталинград VI Empty
PostSubject: SSBP-2: The Imperial Russian Ship, IRS Сталинград VI   SSBP-2: The Imperial Russian Ship, IRS Сталинград VI EmptyMon Dec 06, 2010 11:34 am

Taken directly from my archive forum, almost one year ago. (I finished this one on the 15th of December, 2009. ^-^)

This ship was built to give some of the main superpower countries of Earth some heroic ships.

So far though, the only finished ships for anything other then America are this one and the IJS Myoko II. I'm working on building something for Germany, either a heroic antifighter cruiser named after Erich Hartmann, the top fighter ace in World War II with 352 confirmed kills, a command cruiser named after good ol' Fuhrer 'Addy H. of the Third Reich, or some combat shieldship named after the Maus or the P. 1000, or a greusome Plasma Cannon juggernaut named after the greusome P. 1500. (Or the Paris Gun xD But that would be cheesy cuz the Paris Gun looked so stupid.)

America has the Detroit II, a destroyer, and technically has the Montana-II Class, the first battleship named after that state, and build largely to the same plans as the original Montata-Class battleship, only larger, and with a modern loadout. (It's a surface ship though.)

Without further ado, the IRS Сталинград VI. (PS: Yes I named it after Stalin. Personally, I find Stalin did nothing wrong at all, much like Addy H. They didn't do anything new, and the numbers? Inflation. Back in the Ancient Roman days, the world was sparcely populated. Now we're packed. It's just a matter of finding the obvious correlation between the population of the times, and seeing that deaths would follow a clear ratio. More people on Earth, more people in Russia, therefore more possible deaths. Neither man did anything new, and if we're going to hammer them, then we need to drop two nukes on Las Vegas and New York in retribution for Nagasaki and Hisoshima. Two important civillian cities nuked? Well, fair's fair. Everyone loves Las Vegas, so it's a prime target, and New York is pretty important too. (Which will total retribution for Canada too, as we played a little part in the nuclear race for a time. We didn't directly nuke anyone, so the radioactive cloud will symbolize that. We helped cause deaths, and so the cloud will help clean us. You'd also have to revive and shoot Churchill for not seeing Addy H.'s blatantly imperialistic intentions in the first place. Then go revive Hirohito and bash him too for Group 731's actions. (Then thank him for breakthroughs. They did test stuff on people, and hey, it could have found useful stuff out. We know little about ourselves because we're so appaled by human experimentation. Someone's gotta do it, and I frankly don't care why it happens, or what happens afterward. So long as we know the results. (Yeah I'm horrible. Razz)

-___- Without Further Ado... The Bio...
Dry Dock Bio For The:
Imperial Russian Ship, IRS Сталинград VI


Ship Name: Сталинград VI (Stalingrad VI)
Ship Class: Andrea Doria
Ship Type: Dreadnought


Crew Size: 85,000

Crew Types-
- Bridge Crew
- Primary Weapons Crew
- Secondary Weapons Crew
- Auxiliary Weapons Crew
- Engineers
- Technicians
- Fleet Hopper Crew
- Craft Maintenance Crew
- Point Defense Fighter Pilots
- МиГ-15бис 'Samoljot типа S'-Солдат (солдаты воздушных судов) (Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15bis ‘Type S’ Samoljot-Soldat (Soldiers Aircraft))
- Ильюшина Il-2m3 'Type S' Stormovik 'Bark' (Ilyushin Il-2m3 ‘Type S’ Stormovik “Bark”)


Length: 1.0km (0.6mi)
Width: 600m (~1800ft)
Height: 400m (~1200ft)
Additions: 600 craft hangar in the middle of the left side.
Engines: Three Лавочкина High Output MagnitudE Four Afterburning Main Engines, WN 2.2 (HOME-4 A/B ME Class 2.2) ||||| Four Лавочкина High Output MagnitudE Four Afterburning Combat Engines (HOME-4 A/B CE) ||||| Six Лавочкина High Output MagnitudE Two Retractable Standard [Emergency] Combat Boosters, WN 1.6 (HOME-2 RS[E]CB Class 1.6) ||||| Лавочкина Heavy Duty Combat Thrusters and Лавочкина High Precision Maneuvering Engines (HDCT-4 and HPME-3)

*Лавочкина means Lavochkin, the makers of the famour La-5n and La-7

Engine Placements: The HOME-4 A/B ME’s are in a wide inverted triangle at the rear, slightly lower then the horizontal midline. ||||| The HOME-4 A/B CE’s are above the A/B ME’s, with each one in between or beside one of the A/B ME’s like a spaced-out inverted pyramid base (you take all 7 in a line, and shift the odd ones up) ||||| The HOME-2 RS[E]CB’s are in vertical groups of three on the rear sides, which retract into the middle of the edge between the body and the rear engine bank.


Hull Composition: Duranium Alloy

Hull Specials: Lead-Duranium Alloy Mix; Granite Mesh every 9 feet, starting at 9 frrt from outside, and ending 9 feet from inside; Interiour Faraday Cage.

Armour Thickness:
--Main Hull: 45'' (3' 9''/ 1125mm)
--Bridge: 48'' (4' / 1200mm)
--Engine Area: 36'' (3' / 900mm)
--Gunner Area: 36'' (3' / 900mm)

Shield Types: Phase, Triton.

Shield Specials: Impact and HEAT.


Primary Armaments:

The IRS Сталинград VI is armed with a total of five main guns. Forward Armament consists of three dual 21.6'' Armour Pericing Physical Shell-Type Main Guns, and Rear Armament consists of two 21.6'' AP Physical Shell-Type Main Guns.

Secondary Armaments:

The IRS Сталинград VI is armed with a total of 72 Laser Batteries, 36 on each side of the ship.
They are arranged as such:
| - - - - - - - - (08)
| - - - - - - - - - - - - (12)
| - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (14)

Auxiliary Armaments:

The IRS Сталинград VI, being a Dreadnought, is sparesely outfitted with Aux. Armaments. However, it uses them to cover its front and rear quarters, where the SA's cannot reach. The Stalingrad has 12 rear-quarter quad-barrel QF 2 Pounder PDRs (Pom Pom's) and has 18 front quarter QF 2 Pounder PDR's. Both sets are arranged in a lazy arc that conforms with the ships rear arc, and front arc. (i.e., you could shift the rear curve to the guns and it would make no shape change, aside from the slight length decrease.)


Although it was not origionally built to equip missile silos, the fourth IRS Сталинград VI was retrofitted with an array of eight Antiproton Missile Silos, directly between the bridge (slightly towards the rear rather then at the middle) and the rear guns' ammo magazine storage. Each silo holds 40 AP missiles.


The IRS Сталинград VI participated in the Third Battle of The Solar Rim, 400 AU's from Pluto & Charon. Despire being crippled by a wave of Antimatter torpedoes, which overloaded the shield generators, causing massive damage in the rear section, it managed not only to limp away intact, but it managed to disable the heavy Cruiser GLS Vendetta II and destroy the Impact Destroyer, GLS Impertrator. (An Impact Destroyer is a special Oversize Frigate, which utilizes special prongs to slam into a foe, latch on, and deliver a deadly physical blow via a magnetically accelerated explosive pile driver-type hammer. Usually though, the Frigate stays latched on, which multiplies the damage, and the crew (usually a skelleton crew) then escapes in a speed shuttle)

The captain of the IRS Stalingrad VI is none other then Commodore J. R. Oppenheimer, who served on the IRS пропасть, Город Санкт-Петербург (St. Petersburg) and Сталинград III (Stalingrad III)

***NOTE: The Planes used on this ship have been ovbiously modified to operate in space (Hence, 'Type S') but their characteristics remain about the same. The Il-2m3 (AHII name: Il-2 Type 3) retains its durable armour, and slower speed. As for looks, for now they appear identical to their earth-bound counterparts, but with a rocket rather then a prop, and for the most part, they will poke out from under the area where the fuselage meets the tail and begins to rise. (For twin-engines, it will be similar to the Gloster Metor's engines, rather then something like the Me-262, or J9Y (its Japanese twin)

I just use existing planes because I focus on the larger craft rather then the fighters, as with fighters there is little room for extra armaments, and everything is limited, which makes for a slow design process. (I do make them from time to time though.)

***Note2: Dreadnought is in between BC, and BB. It can load up to 16'' RL guns. (do the math foo!)

SSBP-2: The Imperial Russian Ship, IRS Сталинград VI 27478612
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SSBP-2: The Imperial Russian Ship, IRS Сталинград VI
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