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 Awesome Songs 1

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PostSubject: Awesome Songs 1   Awesome Songs 1 EmptyFri Dec 03, 2010 12:42 pm

Hamatte Sabotte Oh My God!

One of the badass songs from Lucky☆Star. This one is the theme song for the DS game. Much to my joy, it's also one of the few upbeat songs I've heard that I can use to put to a battle or flight scene for something I've written.

I'm fairly sure it's sung by the voice actors of the primary cast (Konata Izumi (Aya Hirano), Kagami Hiiragi (Emiri Kato), Tsukasa Hiiragi (Kaori Fukuhara) and Miyuki Takara (Aya Endo) which makes it twice as badass. Even though I still can't pick out specific voices of the same gender in foreign songs (except Russian ones because they have such a wide, clear range of voices) the sheer fact that Aya Hirano, who is Konata Izumi, is singing, makes it awesome. (I would start World War III to be friends with someone like Konata XD *fangasms*)

Happy Material -Original-

The opening song for Negima! Magister Negi Magi!'s first four episodes, and sung by by Yuri Shiratori, Madoka Kimura, Ayana Sasagawa, Natsuko Kuwatani, Kotomi Yamakawa, and Azumi Yamamoto (characters in order: "Sayo Aisaka", "Yūna Akashi", "Kazumi Asakura", "Yūe Ayase", "Ako Izumi", and "Akira Ōkōchi"; like Lucky☆Star.

Also, it's badass how they sing Happy!☆Ready!☆Go! in engrish, and it's pretty reconizeable. (There's only a trace of accent, really.)

Happy Material -Instrumental-

The ending theme for Episode 23, after a certain something happens to a certain someone. Pretty bloody awesome, as it captures the situation perfectly.

Sanya no Uta (From Strike Witches)

This song has one of the largest possible applications of any song I've heard. I also turned this song into a short, post-apoctalyptic story in an underground bunker where a single human is left alive. A pair of humans come from an old theater, but leave quickly. They are members of the largest organized group of humans left, and are steeling themselves for their final task in rebuilding- the complete destruction of the last of the humans, so the Earth can rebuild in peace. I say that this song has multiple applications because it is like the Band of Brothers intro song- it is sad, but itcan be played to both a sad scene and a memory scene. (BoB's intro song is played to a quaint brotherhood-like still-frame motion series. While it may be a somewhat sad song, it's still playing to a great backdrop.)

Sanya no Uta has also been included in the most of my Works/Projects, as it works for a wide range of themes (that's misleading actually, more of a wide range of themes related to sadness, quaint-ness or loss; part of the greater genre of sorrow and 'happy' sorrow.) and coincidentally, most of my stories at one point or another run through a scene made for the song. While Sanya no Uta has no actual words, that doesn't deract from its effect- you don't need words to convey emotion.

Cherry (by Ratatat)

Another song with multiple uses, this one being more in the high end of the emotional spectrum. This song was once and could very well still be the opening song to Project Neko-25: Love and the Endless War (I have terrible memory and I haven't worked on the opening in a year and a half) and it fit pretty well because it gave just enough time to get the mood going and changed tunes at the right time. The song also didn't take away from the possibility of sadness as well, letting the opening remain 'quaint'. (Summary: Ocean and Neko-Chan sitting on hill at start, Neko is asleap, Ocean is just staring off into space in the breeze, and eventually looks upwards to the sky. At the 2:50 mark he gets up and moves off screen. During the 43-second 'muffled' segment the camera pans around showing the surrounding Golden Fields, and near the end Neko wakes up. Right at the end Neko notices a flaming object far off, and the instant it hits the 3:35 mark she understands what it is. For quite a while she just sits there, staring and starting to cry rivers. At about 4:40 the object hits a while into the field, and from then on during the fade out phase its Neko running off to the burning hulk of the FFS Kestral. (This would be more of an alternate opening, as it sure as heck isn't cannon. The FFS Kestral was one of the first ships to fall, and Ocean sure as hell wasn't anywhere near Neko when it happened, not to mention he wasn't on the ship- he was actually over on the FFS Genocide II claiming retribution for the ULA's immoral attacks on peaceful worlds. (Ironically, the Genocide II was built with the Project Blue Cell weapon present on the FFS Hydroxate, the third flagship of the 13th Terror Corps, and probably one of the most immoral weapons one could reatliate with. Project Blue Cell is a semi-sentient mass of de-energized liquid plasma, giving it the blue haze it got its name from, and looks not unlike a man-sized single-cell organism, only just the blob portion. It was designed to pass right through shields and eat through hull to get into a ship and literally devour the crew. However, when placed in modified E-Beam charge/coolant containers (which are plasma-cooled by a freak coincidance) they can be dropped from High Geosynchronous Orbit and used as mass terror weapons on populations. Why the Hydroxate-series of ships are actually built by 753rd Aerospace Engineering Division men and owned by the GDA's Navy, the actual Project Blue Cell on the 13th Terror Corps-operated vessels is far more horrendous. Rather then just leap onto a person and dissolve them, these modified PBC entities surround their 'meal' and completly envelop their victim in their bodies. Their acidic content is specifically designed not to automaticially fire upon capture, but rather to wait until the PCB entity begins to- literally- enter its victim. Propaganda states the PCB entities are mindless rape machines, but in reality it is nothing like rape. What actually happens is it begins to compress, and the de-energized plasma atoms are small enough to enter through even a human pore. This is when it begins to deconstruct its victim. Granted, the 13th Terror Corps doesn't exactly fight against the accusation of building a mindless rape machine, and they typically don't see it as it really is- just a more efficient way of dissolving a body- but it's not as if they care if the enemy makes them look horrible- after all, it's their job to be as horrifying as possible. (They do hate if when enemies surrender because of it though. They aren't typical psychological terror soldiers, they are completly and throughly psychologicially twisted, without a shred of coinscience, guilt, or moral/ethical fiber.)

Yeah okay maybe I went too far with that last one. But hey, I'm a mild sadist and I'm damn proud of it. It makes for excellent material to look back on and say 'Why is this happening? What is this soldier/commander/etc thinking right now? Why?' as well as the most straightforward way of displaying that killing people doesn't exactly mean you're in the right. (Before I get into it: Video Games do not cause violence. Parenting causes it. At any rate, video games have, however, made it seem that enemies have no souls, and nobody cares if they die, unlike your friends. The stuff I write snaps you back into reality- death isn't all that ignorable. (Which is why I still think that everyone involved with the Manhattan Project should be tried and excecuted. For gods sake they didn't even nuke a military city- they nuked two fucking cities full of civillians. bad enough you end countless lives with bullets, but that's acceptable in the long run- they- and especially true for Japan- were ready to die for their country. But civillians aren't. How many family trees did you end in a blink of an eye? How many possibly stupendous futures did you shatter in a heartbeat, and without remose? For fucks sake even the bomber pilots felt completly awful when they saw what they did. (This is somewhat hipocritical of me because I hate America for persecuting Oppenheimer, architect of the bomb. In my defense I say this: Racist bastards, if you're gonna give him the boot do it after you've finished being warmongering assholes and actually have a valid reason for doing it. Wink And yes, if I ever get the nerve, I'd totally send a letter saying exactly that to 1600 Pensylvannia aka da Whiet Haus!)

Sadistical writing habits and proof of America's racism aside... Listen to mah musics! Especially Sanya no Uta. I leave that on overnight when I sleep and I usually wake up fully rested. Very Happy

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Awesome Songs 1
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