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 Some Ideas for the Forum

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Experenced Writer
Experenced Writer

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PostSubject: Some Ideas for the Forum   Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:21 pm

Nyah so since I haven't posted in a while I thought I'd share some ideas that I think would increase activity in the forum and may actually be really fun <3

Idea o01. Rant Board

What could be more fun then ranting about your day? We've all got complaints about life so why not share them with your fellow writers? We could even put a creative spin on it such as:

a. the diary aspect : Similiar to the mini assignment "Talk about your day thus far and throw something far fetched in there". Keep records of certain aspects of your day and perhaps throw an ironic twist or two in there...maybe a what if I did this instead of that (because we all have those moments in arguements where we thought of something witty after the fact).

b. Third person aspect : Essentially tell your day like a story involving other characters. It allows some to actually get deep into the conversation without mentioning people in real life. Reality series seem to be popular so why not make your own featuring you? X3

c. Typical aspect : Just usual complaints which allows for easy response from others. People who complain together is much more fun anyways o3o

Idea o02. Roleplaying section~

The most interactive way to be creative. For those aren't really sure what roleplaying is it's essentially what that one teacher (who's name currently escapes me) where we respond to each other's posts in character. It would not only prove to be a major cause for forum activity but allows us to collaborate with different styles and pick up some neat tricks from one another.

Idea. o03. Student Series/Novel section

Of course we have short stories posted on our forum but what about some of us who are actually tackling the epic feat of writing our very own novels? I think we need a section just for some of those people. However, to keep organization (since no doubt people are going to want to comment on individual chapters as they are posted) this might need to be split into two separate boards:

a. The Series Posting : The board specifically posting chapters for the novel. It seems pretty self explanatory so I'm not going to drill it into your heads XD

b. The Response Posting : This is where only the responses and updates of the novels should be posted. So the creator of the novel should also be the first poster to create the corresponding response topic. The first post should be like the basic summary of the overall plot and characters within the novel. Whenever a new chapter is posted a summary should be provided along with characters who appeared in the chapter (this should be repeated every chapter in the same topic so there is no clutter). After that post others can freely comment.

Hopefully these seem like good ideas @3@ Dun wanna look like an idiot after all~ Comment on the ideas, add your own and maybe I'll add some more ideas as I think about it o3o
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Experenced Writer
Experenced Writer

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PostSubject: Re: Some Ideas for the Forum   Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:46 pm

I agree with that, i think thsoe are good ideas. Smile Especially the ranting thing, I think everyone would like that. lol xD and students stories too.
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Veteran Writer
Veteran Writer

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PostSubject: Re: Some Ideas for the Forum   Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:01 am

Everybody needs some time to rant... Though the roleplaying sounds cool
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Ocean Seven
S3 Studios Founder
S3 Studios Founder
Ocean Seven

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PostSubject: Re: Some Ideas for the Forum   Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:29 am

Luckily, Forumotion has a built-in RP function. I'll get down on that right now. We'll still probably go with forum-based Rp's cuz Forumotion's is mainly like a 'erugh im bored gonna roll some die' thing.

But to keep people from posting RP threads that nobody posts in, I think we should all agree on a topic or two that we'd like to RP with. Because I'm sure few of us would join some of my more detailed, let alone be able to make heads or tails of it in one reading. (If I post everything about it. I can always just post the background and the link to the ship generator and let nature take its course.)

I'll make the thread and make a poll topic, give it a day or two, and then add the poll in it when I have like four or five ideas from you people. *fangasms over a VOCALOID RP, but knows that its unlikely because he can't even write a song anyways*

A LA OUI. Maybe then I can get comments on aaaaall of my stories. Although, we can just have it in one section, because the writer would just post a 'bump' with or without replies to comments, and add the next part into the first post. keep everything in one place. (Because I really do hate to have to search multiple pages, even if I do it myself sometimes. xD) Dual-topics work more for post-based RolePlays, so you don't have to put in (((OOC: blahblahblah flametrollflametrollflametrollflametroll blahblahblah))) and to keep signups and character info seperate, but we could try it. I suppose to keep from having the author just have a blank or senseless first post in the reply thread, they could keep an active summary of events thus far, or put the character info in there. If we go with dual-forum, you can chunk sections and (maybe! I could disable points in this section) farm points. If we go with single-forum, edit's and bumps with comments in the same thing. I'm, in a writer's mind, leaning towards single, but a dual-forum setup would be a tad more efficient, and lets people who don't use the edit function enough to still keep story integrity.

I'll open up a pool for this shizz tho. Very Happy

As for the rant, I used to have my S3 Studios board up as the off-topic board, til lwe just deicded the whole forum isn't just for work. (Actually, the whole forum IS the work! XD) but now I made that the SECRET ADMIN RANT BOARD. Too bad its just the two of us. (Layfield seems to be AWOL a lot on da forums.) But I'll make an off-topic section in the General Board.

My 'diaries' though, will usually be links to my DeviantART Journals, unless I want to write up some shizz at school. (FFFFFF I HAET THIS LAPTOP. IE6 dammit. Can't load DA no moar.) O YEAH GIB GIB GIB UR DA NAME. Want to +DevWatch joooooo. HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart


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PostSubject: Re: Some Ideas for the Forum   

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Some Ideas for the Forum
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