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PostSubject: RAMMSTEIN-MOSKAU   RAMMSTEIN-MOSKAU EmptyFri Nov 26, 2010 3:38 pm

One hell of a badass song, and in the video I have, well-mated. I forget what language it's in, but it sounds German and Russian (the female voice sounds decidely Russian, while the male voice sounds more German)

The video depitcs two fighters, one presumably male (larger build) and one female, near a run-down subway station. Dozens of strange creatures come out from behind the subwar tram parked there, and run through a long hallway, to greet our heroes with love and affection.

Not. Turns out these buggers have other things on their agendas (you wouldn't think something so hugable (LOL) could be so violent!) and our heroes gun the things down.

Partway through, two brutes come out and take a potshot at the man, who oh so lazily leans backwards. The woman, anticlimatically, knifes- excuse me, SWORDS- the one in the head from afar, before jumping down on top of it and blasting it in the face. The other one takes a swing at the man, who blocks its weak attempt, then blasts it in the gut. Wow. Anticlimatic much?

The duo wanders elsewhere, into a red-lit room. The woman fires some flares, and, oh! Look! Zombies! The woman walks in mowing down anyone who runs at her while the man takes out his badass knife- I mean sword, and slices five at once. meanwhile the woman encounters one ugly mofo, and the man gets himself in quite a tussle, until he detonates one hell of a sweet bomb, blowing all the zombies off of him, and everyone in about a hundred foot radius.

The other two events are sort of meh, although the woman jumps to avoid a tail attack in the second, and gets her butt kicked in midair when the bugger keeps turning and whacks her. Gets up as if its nothing though.

The pair find a door, and, voila. Turns out the world is in ruins. Nice view of torn-up London.

RAMMSTEIN-MOSKAU + Hellgate: London? Bad. Ass.

Ok maybe this was more about the video then the music, but hey, its hard to write down the lyrics to a song in possibly two foreign languages. And really, the music fits, because in a battle, its all about one moment to the next, not all the single, amazing moments. (The music may be overlapping the video, because not once does the music beat or vocals match up with reaonsable accuracy to events in the video, except for a few moments where it ends a chorus and something dies at the same time. Satistcally, thats a coincidence.)

This song is also the theme song for the FFS Silent Torment in Phobos and Demios: Intwined Fates. Cuz you can't have a huge sub surfacing without music like this.

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