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 Fairy Tales all grown up...

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Veteran Writer
Veteran Writer

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PostSubject: Fairy Tales all grown up...   Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:50 am

This thought came to me when i was trying to fall alseep last night. It's the idea that just because the books we read close, the stories don't end.

The idea is the world is a different one than our own; it is split between the sentient races and the monsters. To seperate the two sides (the sentient races and the really big bad monsters) there is a fortress in the only pass connecting the two parts, designed by the sentient races. This does not stop the average giant, witch, sorcerer, or giant from getting through and trying to set up shop.

There are seven major cities; each having their own major race (the ones that started the cities) with the immigrants that are in it. The races are Humans (military/spiritual inventors/priests), Humans (barbarians), Humans (spiritual warriors; slightly Oriental culture), Elves (magics), Dwarves (runeworkers and fighters), The centaurs (not a city, but a territory the guard), and finally the Entertainers (no real major race, just the entertainment city; circuses, pleasure districts, etc.). The monsters range from raiders, mutants, werewolves, vampires, homunculi, harpies, etc.

To battle the various monsters there is a group of wandering mercenaries that rarely come into contatct with each other; they are not very liked for the destruction they leave in their wake (physical and mental).

They are the Enchanted (the fairy tale characters)

Red Riding Hood
--Wields two sickles that are semi-sentient and are connected to her
--Has a large knowledge of various healing herbs, poisons, etc.
--Specializes in taking out werewolves and more human sized monsters
--Used to date the Big Bad Wolf
--Hates Jack's habits

Jack The Giant-Slayer
--Wields a massive, modified executioner axe
--Has various beans that give different effects (healing, enhanced senses, great strength, etc.)
--Has a crush on Red (hate Big Bad)
--Drinks heavly and messes around with a lot of women
--Causes the most physical damage
--Specializes in taking out giants, dragons and big beasts

Jack Candlestick
--Extremly fast (like the flash)
--More of a messenger than a fighter
--Is gay and completly hairless (reduce friction when running)

Fairy Godmother
--Acts as scientist and researcher for the group
--So old she forgot her real name
--More scientist than anything
--Acts as doctor when needed

--Has control over her hair, can turn it into a weapon
--Used to have a relationship with Jack the GS (dislikes Red)
--Acts as a scout, usuall working with Jack (CS) or Baby Bear and Goldilocks

Baby Bear
--Works with Goldilocks
--Very tall at 7 feet, muscular
--Is a barbarian
--Wields a spiked club
--Very protective of Goldilocks

--Wields a pair of guns or short swords
--Acts as diplomat compared to Baby Bear

Hansel and Gretel
--Psychically connected pair of twins (like a hive mind)
--Hansel acts as musle and fights with guantlets
--Gretel is more of information gatherer and can enter people's minds
--She wields a sniper rifle

Big Bad Wolf
--Is a mafia boss
--Use to date Red
--Werewolf with full control of transformation
--Likes to Mock Jack the GS
--Lives in the entertainment city
--Not a bad guy despite name, but not a good guy; is morally flexible

more ideas will be posted as they are thought of
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PostSubject: Re: Fairy Tales all grown up...   Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:48 pm

I really like this idea, sounds like a really fun premise for a novel or RP. I like the set up of the characters, suddenly Red riding hood and Goldilocks are total badasses XD.

It's like Brothers Grimm, only action, rather then creepy. What about the gingerbread man? Oh wait, eh got eaten at the end of that story. Meh, i'll post if I think of any characters your missing that might be fun. But I like the concept, please write.
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Veteran Writer
Veteran Writer

Posts : 41
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Join date : 2010-10-12
Age : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Re: Fairy Tales all grown up...   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:15 am

Thanks, i haven't had many reviews or criticism. I was thinking of adding Little Miss Muffet, who isn't exactly so 'little' anymore. Maybe the three billy goats gruff.

Rumpelstiltskin could be a villain, who knows...
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PostSubject: Re: Fairy Tales all grown up...   

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Fairy Tales all grown up...
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