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 Seven: Demon Possesion

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PostSubject: Seven: Demon Possesion   Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:00 pm

Pride threw the last of her chips at him in a fit of anger, ignoring his smug grin. She hadn't really wanted to play poker in the first place, but losing had seriously, well, hurt her Pride. Not that Greed really cared. He was sure his overly frisky sibling, Lust would absolutely flower her with compliments as soon as he saw her. Greed, again, didn't really care. Point was he had an extra two hundred infernals. The delicious obsidian medalions already made delicious clinking noises in his pocket, and they weren't even in it yet.

"I'm out." Pride snarled at him, before heading off to the ladies room, no doubt to fix her hair and make herself look prettier, an impossible feat that she would nevertheless spend endless hours on. Once more, Greed didn't care. He grinned that sly grin of his, hands wrapping around two dice attached to his necklace. Each side of the dice had seven black dots, rather then your standard six. Lucky number seven. Avarice turned towards his two other opponents. One was you standard Demaniac, a crazy red and black set of clothing and a nice flaming pentacle on his chest to indicate his rank. He was no son of the devil, but it was prestigious enough. The other was a new-burnt. Short weeks ago he had been a human who, like Greed, enjoyed living on the dangerous side of life, putting all of his chips down on every occasion he could. Course, his gambling problem took him straight to hell, but who was complaining?

"Alright boys, no use waiting, you've still got money for me to take." Greed smirked, tilting his hat upwards with his cane. However his smirk quickly faded, when whilst shuffling, the Demaniac suddenly luanched into the air, flying straight through the roof of the casino, and heading straight for the Neverwhere, the portal most citizens of Hell came IN from. Greed threw his cards down on the table with a gutteral growl.

"F$^@ing Ouija boards!" He swore into the air, before he noticed the New-Burnt trembling with terror on the ground. Greed sympathized, if only because the New-Burnt had played a good game thus far. He was so new to Hell he didn't know how things worked yet.

"Look, calm down, he's fine." he reassured the burnt. Who looked at him with questioning eyes. Greed sighed. Well, he had time to kill while he waited anyways.

"You were human not all that long ago. Look, you remember Ouija boards right?" He asked, the new burnt nodded slowly.

"Good, well, Ouija boards were first invented by my dad. You know, El Diablo Grande? The big dark one? Satan? Yeah well, when those angels bastards were at war with us, my dad had Ouija boards invented. Certain humans, Satanists if you will, would use them to contact us and report on the enemies movements on earth." The avarice went on, leaning back in his chair relaxedly.

"It ended up being a dumb move. Eventually, the boards which at one time were used to serve OUR purposes fell into popular culture. Now humans turn them on all the time to "talk to the dead". When this happens, we get sucked straight through the Neverwhere until they decide to let us go.

"So...that guy he's...o-ok?" The New-Burnt asked hesitently. Greed smirked.

"He's probably very much annoyed. You see, they yank us up there but have no idea what we are. So they always ask stupid questions to us like "Where did you come from? Why are you here?" Well we're THERE because you FORCED US to come. We're not there cause we want to be. Imagine you are a humans, your driving down the highway to go home, and play with your kids or whatever you humans do in your spare time. Suddenly, you feel something clamp around your neck, and quite forcfully launch you three hundred feet into the air. It's terrifying the first couple of times, and it hurts. Then, you're brought somewhere you don't want to be for an hour to tell people what colored eyes some newborn baby is gonna have a year from now. How the heaven are we supposed to know? So most of us just make up Sh@% so they'll send us back to where we WANTED to be." he went silent for a moment.

"Then again, sometimes we get pretty pissed off when sent up there." He continued with a chuckle. "I remember this one time, Lust was busy doing what Lust does best, doing things. All of a sudden, he got summoned, flung into the air naked above everyones heads. Half the city must have seen him. He ends up going through the neverwhere, and being asked by some fourteen year old if he could help her find her necklace. By the time he found it, the girl he was with was looong gone." He grinned and winked. "Don't feel sorry for him though, he just found another later that night." Greed turned his eyes to the sky. Still no sign of the Demaniac. It could be hours.

"So naturally, when we get sent up there, some of us act violently. We swear in demonic at the parents using their kids as mediums. Scares the F$%# out of 'em. Or, we throw things at them, throw them down sets of stairs. Generally, show our disapproval of the situation. I personally just answer their questions, it's so much quicker." He said and turned back to the New-Burnt. He was gone.

Greed's eyes widened and he looked back at the table. So were his chips. That son of a- oh this would not stand. No one stole money from the avarice. Grabbing his cane and standing up, Greed pulled out his cellphone (something he had won on a previous gamble) and scrolled down to the name "Wrath." He then began to text.

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PostSubject: Rawr   Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:46 pm

It is so ON!!!
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Seven: Demon Possesion
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