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 Inciting incident

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Inciting incident Empty
PostSubject: Inciting incident   Inciting incident EmptyFri Nov 12, 2010 11:19 am

Establishes Space Ace's stupidity and incompetence. They recieve a transmission from Squigglar, regarding Telmissa, and his laundry. Ace is quick to respond to the distress call, heading to collect squigglars laundry. if he happens to see Telmissa on the way, bonus. The laundry pays better though.

They have some engine problems, due to ace's stupidity, but barely manage to recover. Thanks to mac.


Baron Sticky Wicket and Dutch vader have their plan put into motion, when they hear that ace morningstar is coming to mess things up. Dutch vader paces nervously in his wooden clogs, and eats some mayonaise. Baron Sticky wicket decides to unleash his MASTER PLAN to stop ace morningstar and his crew.

The MASTER PLAN is to convert Telmissa to pastafarianism, and give her to ace, so she will convert EVERYBODY! They actually go through several MASTER PLANS before arriving at this one.
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Inciting incident
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