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 Ocean Seven

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Ocean Seven
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Ocean Seven

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PostSubject: Ocean Seven   Ocean Seven EmptyThu Nov 11, 2010 12:30 pm

Здравствуйте, меня зовут океана семь. Россию является одним из моих любимых языков, с японскими во втором, и немецкий в третий.

Я думаю, словацкого прохладно сочетание символов, и что сербские смешно.

(I am also amazed that that untranslated so well.)
Советский Союз навсегда!
Советский Союз навсегда!
Советский Союз навсегда!
Советский Союз навсегда!
Советский Союз навсегда!
Советский Союз навсегда!

That aside, MOAR about me, in English. Very Happy

I go by several names. Ocean Seven, Seven, Snpr Mk.VII, Mk.VII/Mk.7, and Creeper Staring Through Your Window Right Now. (Joking.)

My real name, I hate with a passion. I'm going to try and get it changed to Ocean Seven. Seriously. My middle name, Thomas, is fine as is, but bleh I hate my name.

I am an avid writer and reader, and especially avid lover of the Soviet Union, and all its various anthems and remixes. (USSR Gimn is one of my favourite remixes. It's rather trippy actually. Sounds like a bunch if synthesized midgets singing hopped up on a bad acid trip.)

I have over 55 stories in progress, although the bulk of them are years old or lost. I have about twelve active stories at this time, the most prominent of them Solus Ortis, Lunus Ortis, One Man War/Shattered Skies and Project neko-25: Love and the Endless War, all part of the One Man War Saga; The 53rd MCOH, and, the most active at the moment, Project Modern Zombies.

I have been writing for a touch over eight years, and I started making little comedic comic strips when I was 6. I have over forty pages of One Man War when it was in comic format, from over five years ago, in remakably good condition- only on one page has the granite from pencil gotten everywhere, and that is easily kept in check by regular precision erasings. (It's more of a light film of granite, and the words and images are much darker. Still, one has to be careful when removing this film because it is only pencil after all.)

I am also a devout follower of True Communism, the most effective governmental style that humans could possibly have- not Human Communism, as Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba have, but Communism on paper. The kind of Communism that reminds you we as a species have failed, governed greatly by our greed and lust for power. (TC trumps Democracy easily- in Democracy, there is still a lot of positions of power, while in TC everyone is content with their job, and there is absolutely no care over what they do in the sense of power. They act completly and solely for the benefit of everyone as a whole. It's quite a good belief if you want to keep the world in perspective for what it really is.)

I'm also a heavy war nut, specifically in the field of aircraft and aerospace operations. On several flight simulators I am a bona fide ace, although this title was aquired after years of trying- I'm not a powerful keyboard pilot. I am also known as someone who does the insane- on my time on Fighter Ace, before it closed, I used to take whatever bomber I could and fly as far as I could, to strike some out-of-the way base we probably would never get to in the day. I'd do it alone, and regardless of weather I made it back or not I'd keep at it. I have single-handedly destroyed over one hundred thousand structures, and disabled completly over ten thousand bases, supply depots, and ports. I am also a powerful Naval Bomber, frequently taking a B-17 and bombing from twenty thousand feet an entire formation of ships, scoring 100% accuracy. (And this is not something to be taken lightly on Fighter Ace, where ships frequently change course and so it can take ten or twenty minutes of circling before you know the ships will not move for long enough. On Aces High II it is even harder because a real person controls the course, and will usually turn the ship in random directions the moment danger is near.)

I am also a highly decorated kamikazi pilot, destroying over three hundred ships of all kinds on Fighter Ace alone to a watery grave with the Ultimate Sacrifice. (Tip: The J9Y Kikka is an excellent kamikazi aircraft. A good jet plane based off the Me-263 Swallow, it can carry a hefty SC-500 bomb and twin 40mm cannons, making it capable of doing extreme damage to a ship, often being able to sink a Cargo ship in one run, if not a second strafing run.)

I also have one of the strangest biologies of anyone I know. I can go a week living off nothing but a sleeve of crackers a day, without any more water then I usually drink (like 20mL no joke, back when I was in Grade 7 and 8.) and not get dehydrated. I can also go 16 hours without food and not even notice it, the longest I've gone without food (all of my own will lol, the summertime is a lazy time for me xD) is 32 hours. With liquids, I daresay I can last longer then the average human without water. I've been dehydrated all of once in my life. (So if you're not used to not drinking a lot, don't start now. It's ugly, and not healthy. You puke blood because you literally have nothing left in your stomach, not even spit. You body demands it heave SOMETHING, and blood is the only other thing it can heave. It really sucks. You can't eat, and even if you're being fed with an IV, you still feel hungry, which just makes it worse. To put it in perspective, its like nibbling on food constantly 24/7, but always feeling hungrier and hungrier, without ever not feeling hungry. Your gut eventually feels as if it just shriveled up and turned into a cold pit.)

As well, sleep is something that seems silly to me. Six hours is enough, and I can do four for a few days without getting silly. I can claim with pride that I've gone 72 hours without real sleep (a few blackouts now and then) and 47 hours literally without sleep. (It actually is easier then it seems. Once you beat back the feeling of sleepiness the first day, the aftereffect is just general lethargy the next day, and it becomes a little harder to feel sleepy. It can be a risk though, as you could poetntially remove your ability to feel sleepy, thus making you forget to fall asleap.)

I also believe I lack any morals whatsoever. Despite me being young at the time I didn't cry at either of the funerals I've attended, and if I remember correctly, I almost laughed myself silly at 9/11. (I was... eight, and loved to bowl over towers with my toys. All I could see on TV was someone thinking like me. Course I got my ears yelled off afterword for it.) And whenever I see an image of some gory body from a war, I usually look closer at, trying to soak up every detail. Discover how it happened, and what it would have looked like. I freak myself out sometimes, actually. XD

I also condemn America for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and their reasoning that more lives would have been lost if they hadn't is bullshit. Suck it up, after Germany fell the war was over. From that point forward it was just about winning and being a hero. And fuck it guys, you bombed a pair of CIVILIAN cities dammit. How many innocent family trees did you end in a split second? The war was over, and you had two choices- either get your asses back home, or suck it up and mount up the losses. Japan was surrounded, with no allies to assist it. You could have just as easily cut off all resourses from it, and it would have surrendered or starved itself into submission in a matter of time. And at the time, it had virtually no navy, and its air force was severly lacking.

Now enough of the hatin' lawl. I am a cat lover, fie on you dog lovers! Unless the dog is a Husky or a Shitzu, bah. (or a Shoodle, cuz its funny when they try to sit. A Bullshit is good for the shiggles, but isn't actually good for anything. Shitzu's are just so damn funny cuz they look like mops.) When I get my own house I'm probably going to go for a Himalayan cat right away. My grandpa had one, and it was the funniest thing in the world, when it wasn't being so damnned pissy. (My god it was the perfect shade of grey to accentuate its face, which never looked anything but having complete and utter contempt for anything other then itself. It hid under a chair, and really only let my grandpa and myself touch it, although I've outlasted my welcome on a few occasions and it's swiped at me more then once. Still, its last year as flesh and blood was the best, as it just suddenly went incredibly stupid. It always had wide eyes, looked just absolutely confused like it didn't know who the fuck it was or where the hell it was. It became shy and didn't hate anyone, altough it fled from my sister, who probably has an aura of energy that freaks cats and dogs out. (My grandmas cat especially hates my sisters guts out. It spots her and tit just hisses its tail off. That cat is also not a cat, only realising what the hell it is just recently. The dog shoved it off my grandmas lap the day she got it, and it hid under her bed for four years till the dog died, and then it came out when it was really quiet. Even now, a year after it started coming out more often, it still takes me a half an hour to climb fifteen stairs to pet it, because its so weary of everything. It will stare at you daggers until you finally manage to get in reach of it, and then it will just it there happily till it tires of you and then shove its butt in your face and walk away. Such a funny furry thing.)

I myself used to have a pair of Guinea Pigs, S'mores and Fluffy (S'mores was named so because she was black, brown and white, and started off almost looking like a furry s'mores thing before her fur shifted and she got sluggish. Fluffy was almost pure white, with a few blooms of caramel, one just above her tailbone, and another over one eye. She got really fat, and wasn't as friendly as she could be, but put up with S'mores The Bitch and myself.) before my mom got alergic to 'em. I've still got a box of books, two years later, that still have Essense of Guinea Pig all over them, which keeps her outta mai room.

S'mores didn't become as fat as Fluffy, and was typically bitchy towards her cagemate, but she was usually the first to start moving whenever we let them roam on the floor. For the longest time a black patch by her left eye was the exact same tint as her eyes, so you could glance at her and she'd only have one visible eyeball. She also liked walking all over the food bowl for some reason. At least she moved around more often then Fluffy (Guinea Pigs are pretty fuckin' lazy, at least mine were. Make up for their lower inteligence by being social, but mine really only bitched at each other in the night or when Fluffy started headbutting S'mores' butt for no reason whatsoever. Those suckers grow fast, and they squirm a lot when you try to pick them up. When I got S'mores, a year before Fluffy, I could hold her in one hand. Four years later, and she's almost as long as both hands. Also like a cat they can stretch out. It was so funny when one of them would begin stretching while walking, so their rear legs just stop, but they keep walking forward. They could, I swear, double in length on a whim. They were squishy too. And god could they hop. You poke them in the side lightly and they'd leap half a foot in the air. Fluffy typically lept on top of their house, so I'd get home and she's be crying her whiskers off because she'd be stuck. (The thing had ramparts on the roof, and I suppose she was at least smart enough to figure out of she tried walking off she'd have to deal with those scraping her all the way down.)

Really pathetic things when they get lazy, Fluffy almost ran under my bed once the first time I let her out. Jeez they can turn on a dime those fatsos, and can go from a sitting position to full out run instantly. That god she couldn't squeeze her fat white ass between my desk and my ground chair. They're also supposed to eat their turds because they can't produce Vitiman C like rabbits, but they had some common sense and saw their turds for what they were- turds. Crapping MACHINES those buggers. Don't try to bathe them either. The moment they hit an inch of water they start churning out turds like no tomrow. They make good on the 'so scared he/she crapped himself' over and over. Five minutes and Fluffy churned out like fifty turds. They're cute when they're drying off though, especially mine, which were Albyssians, so they naturally have crazy fur. They'd get soaked, look like they were balding, then get wiped down and just be a ball of fur for two hours. They're low riders, so for those two hours the poor things are gathering bedding all over their bellies. xD Fluffy was the runt of her litter we think, and thus got really fat. She had a red tint in her eye, meaning she was still partially wild, which may have explained her higher agression. Trying to get her out of the cage was nuts, because you had one try to grab her full-on on the belly so she couldn't move, because she was pretty strong. You had to grab her all the way down to the floor of the cage or she'd wiggle free. You then had to hold her there and stare her in the face, tell her who's boss, and then she'd let you pick her up without any more flailing then nessesary. (They hate being picked up, so they'll whine and flail around as you lift them up, but once they're on level ground, or all their feet are on something solid, they'll quickly calm down. They won't stop breathing heavily though, and absolutely hate going down stairs. They wouldn't move around a whole lot on my carpet, but they would walk around in the kitchen. Mostly though they just sat there huddled together (Fluffy had a weird attraction to having her butt in S'mores' face, or at least huddling side by side facing different directions) so I usually put their little orange drying cloth over them. (We had a bigger one to let the mactually move around, but the orange one was just big enough to put over them and stuff a little under their bellies. The Orange one used to be the original walking one, when it was just S'mores and she was tiny. I really want a baby Guinea Pig. I kept trying for a male one so I could get kids. XD But no, while females are pissy, males get really bitchy, especially after picking a mate. Woulda been to dangerous for whoever got rejected, and whoever got picked would lord over the other. S'mores might have been outsted ftw. (She was always bossy.)

Long post is long, nyo? I also want a ferret, but those can cost $400 all told for just the thing and its huge cage. But I say its well worth an animal who will sleep with you AND travel on your shoulder during the day. xD

Anyways, wrapping up time.

In the music department, I'm a fan of kz, Supercell Feat., All-4-One, Sting, Lou Bega, Angela, Lubeth Group, Shura Tarasov, Leningrad Cowboys, Trancestral Project (aka Sasha LSD), X-Mode, Puddle of Mudd, Mats Lundgren, Anamanaguchi (Scott Pilgrim The Game), Chuck Doud, and of course, any remix by Vocaloids. (Esp. Kaito, Miku, Ren&Len, Luka and Hatchune.)

Some Songs:
All-4-One- (Love is Just Another) 4 Letter Word; Think You're The One For Me; I'm Sorry and I Swear.

Angela- Beautiful Fighter; Spiral; Asu He No Brilliant Road; Dead Set; Fly Me to the Sky and Over The Limits

Sasha LSD- USSR Gimn (Ultra Energy Mix)
X-Mode- Gimn Rossii
Leningrad Cowboys- Gimme All Your Lovin' (Russian National Anthem Remix)
Shura Tarasov- Petroleum (A wicked wordless remix of the Soviet Union National Anthem that I fancy as a sub hunting song.)
Lubeh Group- Anthem of Russia (2000) (A ROCK version of the Anthem!)
Lou Bega- Mambo Number 5 (YEAHH BOII)
Anamanaguchi- Another Winter; Scott Pilgrim Anthem and Title Screen
Mats Lundgren- Rodrigues in Combat; Rico's Return and Patriotic Gurrillas (Music of Just Cause 2!)
Kagamine Rin- Otenba Hime no Uta; Love is War
Miku- MOTTO!!; HI-TO-MI hatsune Miku original Oozora no Hitomi; Love*Magic; Cendrillon Hiroaki (sung with Kaito); Vocarock-Hope [Rain of Lamentation]; Vocarock-Hope [My Fxxkin Desire For You]; Supercell Feat.- Hatsune Miku [Black-Rock-Shooter]; Supercell Feat.- Hatsune Miku [STRATOSPHERE]; Shibayan Records- Sugar Particle [Suger Chocolate Waffle]; Hatsune Miku- ACRTRESS AGAIN [CROSS]; Everything in the EXIT TUNES PRESENTS THE VERY BEST OF Dead Ball P Loves Hatsune Miku + Megurine Luka album, especially Sonezaki Shinjuu and Wash My Blood; Aura Qualic- Unlimited Skies [Unlimited Skies- Missile Chewbacca Remix] & [D.A.T.A~ (DJ Schwarzennager Mix)] and {8 Bit Darling project}Hatsune Miku- Affairs of Life [Song of Salaried Workers

Ishida Youko (STRIKE WITCHES)- Watashi ni Dekiru Koto; Bookmark a Head and Sanya no Uta (which I did a story to)

Hirano Aya & Katou Emiri & Fukuhara Kaori & Endou Aya-
Konno Hiromi (As Akira) & Minoru Shiraishi (As Himself)- Konerabu Mission
Kz (Miku remix)- Lightsong Mastering; Packaged

And finally, I am looking for help on Project Modern Zombies, and Shattered Skies. I need a few characters for Project Modern Zombies, and I need some more Aerospace Vessels for Project Shattered Skies. I've put the SSBP-2 up on the blog, so thats done, and if you want to make a character's background for Modern Zombies, just ask, or check it out on my DeviantArt account, Project-N25.

Some random images for y'all:

Ocean Seven 61orck10
Cover for the EXIT TUNES PRESENTS: Speed (Undecypherable) COMPLETE BEST

Ocean Seven 002hlz
Cover of my favourite album EVAR.

Ocean Seven 950_jd10
The largest man-portable firearm round ever made, the .900 JDJ.

Ocean Seven 10217_10
Back Row (L2R): Len looking like ths girly guy he is, I forget who, and Kaito also looking a tad too girly. Dammit.

Front row: Miku and Rin... and I forget the others. xD

Ocean Seven Hachik10
A catgirl-maid kissing a fish, because I want to screw with your minds and because this post needs a fish in it. Oh yeah, if you dont have a fish in your introduction, I'm going to either delete your post or spam fishes in it. Very Happy

Ocean Seven Konata10
Because I can.

Ocean Seven Konata11
Because the more random crpa I have the funnier your face looks.

Ocean Seven Tsukas10
Because no post is a post without a random refrence to minimi

Ocean Seven Hatchu10
Because Hatchune is so badass.

And finally...
Ocean Seven Sorry010
Because I've probably killed half of everyone reading this post.

Also my signature pic is badass too. Dr. K is so crazy. READ EXCEL SAGA AND YOU'LL GET WHAT IT MEANS.

Ocean Seven 27478612
DeviantART: www.project-n25.deviantart.com
www.Lt-Sandstorm.deviantart.com wrote:
Gentlemen! You can't fight in here! This is the War Room.

"I am Forgotten. I am a Defender of Humanity. I risk my very existence every moment of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year. History will be grateful for what I have done, but history will not know who I am, or what I did. I will not be remembered by anyone, anywhere. When I pass on, nobody will know who I was. I live to block the deadly fragments of a grenade; to take a bullet meant for another; to be in harm's way, so that another will not. I exist for the sole purpose of dying. But for what? This is my life, for all it is worth. I am Forgotten."

-Motto of the Forgotten First Legion, 1st Reborn Fleet
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Ocean Seven
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