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 3 different nouns.... baby- fly- helium baloons

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3 different nouns.... baby- fly- helium baloons Empty
PostSubject: 3 different nouns.... baby- fly- helium baloons   3 different nouns.... baby- fly- helium baloons EmptyTue Nov 09, 2010 9:31 pm

Nouns: 1. Baby 2. Fly 3. Helium balloons

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the wind set out a perfect breeze. It was my baby sister’s birthday so I decided to take her out for a birthday stroll. I dressed my baby sister in a cute little outfit, than gently set her in her stroller, and away we went. I stopped off at the corner store to buy her some helium balloons. Our second destination was the neighbourhood park that she loved. As we got to the park we headed over to the swings. It was a little challenging trying to pick my sister out of her stroller due to the amount of balloons I held in my left hand. She sat awkwardly in the swing as I pushed her with one of my hands. Everything was going perfect until a pesky little fly ruined it. The fly first made its way over to my ear with its annoying buzzing sound. As I tried to swat it away it started circling around my head continuously. It was like this pesky little fly was doing it out of enjoyment. “Get out of here!” I yelled at it, as if it would listen. Getting exhaustively annoyed by the fly, I picked my sister out of the swing and we left. As we started to leave the park, I heard the monstrous sound of the fly; it was back. I then started to walk faster pushing the stroller, which than lead to running away from the fly. Thinking as if I could out run the fly, I than started to laugh. “Ha, that’s what I thought you stupid fly.” Just as I thought I had won, I heard the evil sound of the fly once more. I was now genuinely pissed off. I tied the balloons in a bow around my baby sister’s little wrist. I started to attack the fly. I first started off swatting it, which only made me look like a fool. I then decided to take a different approach. I stood very still to see what the fly’s next move was. The fly flew around me continuously than it finally landed. As it landed on my left arm, I raised my right hand slowly and slapped it down as fast as I could. I thank lifted my right hand and laughed as I claimed victory. The fly was completely splattered on my arm. I flicked the fly off and then turned around towards my baby sister. As I turned around I noticed she was gone. I started panicking anxiously, calling out to her. I thank heard a giggle from above. “Oh my God, oh no, oh God.” As I looked up my baby sister was floating in the air. The balloons brought my sister higher and higher into the sky. I ran after her following her from below as she was flying. The direction of the wind blew her towards a tall pine tree. The pines on the tree started popping the balloon one by one. I was then terrified at what was going to happen next. I tried positioning myself underneath her ready for when the last balloon would pop. It seemed to be an endless amount of time before the last balloon popped. As it popped I watched her fall closer and closer down to me. In a matter of seconds I managed to catch her in my arms. I was than relieved to see no harm had been done to her. I brought her back over to the stroller. “That damn pesky little fly.” I said in anger, as I grinded my teeth.
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3 different nouns.... baby- fly- helium baloons
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