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 One Man War Chapter Seventeen: The Grandfather Pact

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Ocean Seven
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S3 Studios Founder
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PostSubject: One Man War Chapter Seventeen: The Grandfather Pact   Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:22 am

The current Ch.17 for One Man War, the first of three series in the One Man War Saga. Ch.17 takes place at the end of One Man War, right before Shattered Skies begins.

-Yes I'm putting up an ending. One Man War is a seven year-old thing I've created, which to this day is still mostly in my head, being optimised. The only written parts to One Man War are Ch.0, the prelude, and Ch.17, the current ending. Ch.2 is in the works, but is far from being enough to post places. As such, Ch.17 is the only part worth putting up. Don't troll me because I'm putting up an ending without anything else- the One Man War Saga is still going, so Ch.17 is merely a closing to one arc. (If I can find them, I might scan in my comic sheets of Ch.1 and put them up, assuming the granite hasn't smeared all over the page by now. They aren't terribly good if you don't know what One Man War is, and the later ones sort of miss the point of having them, diving into senseless comedy rather then providing a storyline.)

The One Man War Saga Project is in need of some assistance. S3 Studios needs help creating Aerospace Vessels for Project Shattered Skies, the second part of the Saga, a character/Vessel or two for Project Neko-25, and character lowdowns for Project Modern Zombies. (For PMZ, The character numbers have already been determined, as have their basic roles; what is left to do is to give them backgrounds. Currently, only four out of the 32-strong cast (excluding Mark and Dawson) have been identified.)

Without further ado, OMW:Ch.17:TGP


A lot of the stuff in One Man War is throughly confusing. Don't be afraid to ask for clarification. (Ironically, you could be asking for clarification OF a clarification!) The wording may be weird in some places, but it is easy enough to understand.


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One Man War Chapter Seventeen: The Grandfather Pact
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