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Ocean Seven
S3 Studios Founder
S3 Studios Founder
Ocean Seven

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PostSubject: Contact Info   Contact Info EmptyTue Jan 25, 2011 11:03 am

...Because we can do it!

Post whatever info you want to. o3o

General Contact Email: sddcomics@gmail.com
Writing + Other Stuffz: neko25project.deviantart.com
Xfire (IM): maximillionveers (my nickname is only fully viewable if you have the Asian Language Packs enabled; the first word is in Japanese)

XBL Gamertag(s):

xXxExcelSagaxXx (Current)
ShakuganAlastor (Primary Alt)
Ocean Eight (Alt for when I run away from annoying friends XD)
DoriXGura (My alt that everyone's forgotten about; also my alt of shame, because I found out that Dori and Gura are MALE, not FEMALE, as I once thought. It's just creepy because they look so female, in the anime they have female voices, and of course, are seen IN BED WITH OBORO. Maybe alone they're fine, cuz they're cool, but once they get in with Oboro, the whole thing goes from cool to WTF. (Mainly because Oboro is a huge asshole. And probably because he's abusing the fact that they think they have to serve him unservingly cuz he saved them.)

Heavily played non-mainstream games:

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (An amazing change from all the CoD Noob style of playing, OFDR is highly realistic- when you snipe, you SNIPE. None of this stupid 100-foot long sniping in CoD, and not only is there realistic muzzle sway (which is much easier to shoot with on OFDR then CoD, because the range means it doesn't seem to sway too much) but there is real bullet drop- at 800 meters, you're shooting at the bottom tick line on your scope. There is no stupid regen, but an honest-to-god medic, and you can bleed our rather quickly. Realistic ranges- you're expected to hit a target at 100-300 meters with ironsights, as you should be able to do. Guns actually sound real. Rockets have drop too- they don't fire straight, dammit. They're just really long-range GL's. (I snipe with rockets lol- I got someone at 1,100 meters with a SMAW.) And vehicles. My god VEHICLES. The only hard part (but I still like cuz its realistic, which is better then being easy) is that helo's can be shot down fairly quickly by someone spraying with an LMG- realistic engine damage. As well, every vehicle features a small warning indicator in the top right which tells you if your engine has been disabled, or if your guns have. (The top one is engine, bottom is weapons) Tanks are ninja, as they get smoke dispensers. Friggin' amazing. All tanks and APC's get multiple weapons and multiple ammo types, and the chinese APC is the mother of all vehicles, as it has a tank-type main cannon, an APC-type chain gun, and a machine gun- as well as an anti-tank rocket. (It's hard to aim, but it kicks ass.)

Ace Combat 6 (FEAR THE WRATH OF THE iDOLM@STER Su-47 BERKUT! or just my uber-fast iDOLM@STER Eurofighter Typhoon)
Forza Motorsport 3 (Learn to counter-PIT maneuver- I don't race per se; I barrel across the track. Fear the uber-heavy Dodge Ram SRT10 with a V8 Engine.)
Tom Clancy's EndWar
Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six: Vegas 2
Armored Core 4 (An amazing mech combat game, including close-in blading. Few people still play it, but its better to play with friends then randoms. I can help with just about anything from mission tactics to multiplayer mech creation, and I specialize in making mechs that fly and don't come down.)
Armored Core: For Answer (A harder version of AC4, at least if you're used to AC4's controls; they put in autoboost for the left stick, so no more simply running and manually boosting, as well as they nerfed airborne turning down to only the quickboost-turn.)

Black COps & Reach maps&gametypes:

COps: Crazy Custom Classes: Featuring maxed out perks and equal classes between Black COps and Communists, it's as close as I could get to a quasi-TF2. Featuring Juggernaut, a slow but hardened shotgunner, SpecOps, a lightly armoured but quick-moving player, Rifleman, the tough 'Gunny' from movies everywhere, and the Supressive, who has more health then the Rifleman, but way more ammo (less damage because of it)
CCC also features two classes given to both sides: Eliminator, the only sniper, and the Juggernaut's worst nightmare (the only class other then the SpecOps that can easily kill him) and occasionally the Chaos Element, a crazy fast player with a randomized weapon, and maximum accuracy.

March of the Dead: Featuring the Juggernauts from CCC, it pits slow moving, hardened players against a slew of support gunners. Variations depend on first-round outcome, and will enable or disable different classes (because Communists get all the Juggernauts, and the Black COps get the support gunners, and every weapon is on. Depending on the outcome, the Juggernauts could get the HS-10 or SPAS-12 or not, and the Black COps could get the Pig60 or Boner69)*

*Would be better if I could use my Combat Training classes, which one has nothing on it, and another only has a handgun; I could have the Zombies with just a Jammer and Nova Gas (Jammer represents fear, and nova gas would be an interesting addition)

Reach: Blind World; A seriously black and white Forge World level which seems to actually hurt people's eyes (one of my friends, after ten minutes, said he started seeing purple)

Invasion Base & Forge Base: Two levels, with the Cov and Humans in the best spot respectively; Invasion Base sees the Humans rushing the Cov, while Forge Base has the Humans rushing the Cov's backyard.

[Crazy] Safe Havens; a Safe Havens gametype where the havens make the surviors uber powerful and invincible, but render them immobile with fear. Ensures the players don't abuse them, because a zombie can sneak up on them and assisinate them.

Contact Info 27478612
DeviantART: www.project-n25.deviantart.com
www.Lt-Sandstorm.deviantart.com wrote:
Gentlemen! You can't fight in here! This is the War Room.

"I am Forgotten. I am a Defender of Humanity. I risk my very existence every moment of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year. History will be grateful for what I have done, but history will not know who I am, or what I did. I will not be remembered by anyone, anywhere. When I pass on, nobody will know who I was. I live to block the deadly fragments of a grenade; to take a bullet meant for another; to be in harm's way, so that another will not. I exist for the sole purpose of dying. But for what? This is my life, for all it is worth. I am Forgotten."

-Motto of the Forgotten First Legion, 1st Reborn Fleet
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