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 Need some help with ideas guys!

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Need some help with ideas guys! Empty
PostSubject: Need some help with ideas guys!   Need some help with ideas guys! EmptyWed Jan 19, 2011 1:55 pm

I've recently gotten back into my eight year-old series, One Man War Saga, and I'm starting to create history, which brings me with a dillemma: I have virtually no planet names. So if anyone has a couple names they think are good, please slap 'em up here!

I'm not truly picky, but optimally, they should sound like something that was invented from the english language (although those 'arabic' hyphenated names are alright in moderation) and generally not be excessively long.

At the moment, I'm following a Halo-like naming convention, in that I take words from English as planet names.

So far I have:

Pure Planet 14 (Earth)

Downdraft (and its huge array of satelites and Aerospacial Orbital Objects,
namely the Chasm Series (famous drydock instilations) and the Cloud Series (popular- you guessed it- tourist attrations. (Read: the convention is Chasm/Cloud Number, ergo Cloud Nine.)

Monolith (a planet dotted with towering pillars, used to memorialize important historical events)

Crosswind (a popular proving ground for test designs)

Roaming Divide (a planet seperated from its unknwon star, comforted by its core, which was energized by millions of years of solar activity and keeps it heated; its climate, however, it extremly violent. it serves as a memorial to the bloodshed in the Great Defensive War (the war the IBAE fought to secure the Universe) and more recently, the Zero War (events of One Man War and Shattered Skies)

District [Series] (A huge cluster of small, naturally inhabitable planets; the convention is District Number because there are so damn many)

And of course, BioAndronia, the capital of the Imperial BioAndronian Empire, an almost dead planet, scarred by thousands of years of experimental work that produced the BioAndroids (I could get into the whole 'religion' of BioAndronia, but that would take too long)

As well as one non-cannon planet called Hope, the final resistance point of an alliance of every government and military force in the universe to hold out against the Remberance Fleet. (the collection of ACV's left and built after the Second Great Defensive War, when the BioAndronians detonated a huge quantum device rather then give up BioAndronia.)

Also I could use some help with making some ACV (Aerospace Combat Vehicles; think EVE Online, Star Wars, etc) names, because I'm running out of juice.

Just about anything goes, and I can match a name to a type of ship myself if need be. However, naming conventions for the IBAE Navy and the GDA must be along the lines of gloomy, depressing; in other words, negative. (It's just a habit that turned into canon. It's harder then it seems to get the right name.) Anything goes for any other nation (think of it this way: if its a negative name, it'll go for the GDA/IBAN, otherwise it'll be used for another navy. Very Happy)

In case you want to provide a name for a specific type of ship, here are my One Man War Universe ship types, from smallest to largest:

Patrol Vessel
Scout Frigate
Missile Frigate
Sensor Frigate
Scout Destroyer
Missile Destroyer
Sensor Destroyer
Seige Destroyer (A destroyer manned by a small crew, lacking most armaments in order to carry a large mechanism to latch onto an enemy ship, and ram the ACV at it at point-blank range (The crew has an escape craft; the Seige Destroyer is the only small ACV that can damage a Juggernaut's armour because of this mechanism)
Light Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser
Battlecruiser (As large as but more agile then a Battleship, with somewhat less armament, and much less armour)
Supercruiser (Slightly bigger then a Heavy Cruiser but with enhanced firepower)
Battlemaster (Any ship with extremly large proportions not belonging to the Longbow-Class of ACV's)
Juggernaut (Any ship with extremly large proportions not belonging to the Longbow-Class of ACV's; unlike the Battlemaster, the Juggernaut is unable to use missiles or torpedoes, but has much heavier armour which renders ramming from Light Cruisers or below harmless)

Special Types:

Submarine (a fairly small, highly stealthy ACV, almost exclusively armed with torpedoes and missiles)

Shieldship (usually a Destroyer or Light Cruiser decked out with addition shields and virtually no armament, acting as mobile cover for damaged ships (As well the least customizeable ship someone can make, because of the limits on it so it isn't this invincible, highly mobile, highly lethal thing.)

Carrier (Usually a large rectangle almost totally hollow, carrying an abundnace of small crafts ('crafts' refers to anything with a tiny crew and usually of limited effectiveness against ACV's) at the expense of offensive armament. A humorous fact is that these things often have terrible mobility; especially low mobility Carriers are jokingly referred to as The Mountain That Tried.)

Supercarrier (A very rare type of ship, almost all Supercarriers in existance belong to the IBAN Juggernaut- and WMD-Class ACV's; while those that are not in either of those classes cower in the huge shadow the former casts on them, they are nonetheless formidable ACV's. Essentially a Carrier with mobility at least on par with a standard Juggernaut, and often decked out with weaponry on par with or exceeding that of a Battleship's auxillery armament (i.e. the anticraft weapons; they only have these small weapons because they still lack decent maneuverability for their size, so even if they could fight with a Heavy Cruiser they'd still be mauled because of their inability to present a small cross-section in short order.) These behemoths typically carry around a superweapon, or a huge array of missiles and torpedoes. (The SwarmCarrier has both a superweapon (the E-Baby and E-Beam) version and a Strike Supercarrier version, where the E-Beam is stripped off and the entire 144-foot thick deck armour is converted into a nine kilometer long missile platform.) (The depth of which houses the even larger array of HE Missiles, which are much smaller then the HE Torpedo, and are used as a counterstrike defense- only the SwarmCarrier Strike Version has enough to use them repeadly foroffensive purposes!)

Asteroid Destroyer (A long ship, with a large sphere in the middle which houses collected asteroids, as well as houses the launching mechanism; often used as a First Strike vessel, saturating the space in front of an approaching fleet with asteroids to either cause extensive damage, or throw the enemy formation into total disarray. Probably the only thing less armed then the Shieldship, excluding the asteroid launchers.)

Finally, I could use a few names to captain some new ACV's. (if you're worried about rank for the commander, Admiral or Captain is fine, otherwise ranks usually range from Ensign to 1st Lt.)

My only restriction on names is that they be fitting for a human, and more or less serious. Commander names would be best of having more flair then other crewmember, but this isn't nessesary- I need ACV's to kill off just as much as I need ACV's to make heros with.

ACV designs are entirely up to you. I haven't introduced many new ACV's that need blueprints, so I'm alright for now, but it's always greatly appreciated when someone makes one. (lol it took eight years to do it, but I've finally brought myself to introduce some ACV's without making a full technical document and history for them. ._. Seriously, when your hobby is making ACV's galore, it's hard to pass up an opportunity. Doubly so when you suck epically at making 'generic' ACV's and crafts, so you have a lot less you can actually churn out. I've got quite a number of ACV's which I can't actually use bcause they're too godmodded. The only really overpowered ACV's in the One Man War Saga are the ISS Luna, Sol and Terra, the FFS Forgotten and Forgotten II, pretty much every ship in the DFS Fleet (but that's a nessesary plot device) and the entire WMD-Class (Again, another plot device- the WMD's are the biggest and baddest in the universe, and 4/5's of them are guarding BioAndronia (technically they all are- the "Fifth Quarter" is a well-kept secret from the public and most of the IBAE's own officers.)

Anyways, Planets, Characters, ACV Names. And if you honestly read every word in this post, go out and stuff yourself full of pizza and ice cream- you're one of the few people who support others in the little ways that matter the most. I love you

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Need some help with ideas guys!
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