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 A Hopeless Universe

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PostSubject: A Hopeless Universe   Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:53 am

Was thinking far, far past the end of my One Man War Saga, and decided to come up with a non-cannon ending for it all, where history essentially repeats itself. (The time bubble around Earth, however, is cannon.)

Written in more of an aftermath kind of way. For once I didn't have any ship names. D8 I was liek WTF NAUUUU! (Total ACV Whore.)

Also it might not flow nicely. I was sort of writing it at the start as a precap, but then it just snowballed into a total narrative of events of a bygone era.

Finally, I encourage people to write as such. You can think of some very profound things, and while you might think that having a heart rate possible double the norm is decidely risky, it feels pretty good, actually. (Tee hee I can do it at will. Awesome time passer, I can just sit in my room and suddenly three hours have passed, all the while I'm listening to the sound of a heart- at rest!- and experencing total sensory enhancement: I can feel and hear my heart at rest as if it was totally normal, and every nerve in my body can feel pretty much everything touching it- I swear I could count the number of stray fibers on my heavy blanket. (BTW the rapid heart comes after you 'snap out of it'. Just keep in mind it can last for hours, so try not to do anything terribly physical, as well try not to get mugged, beaten, or otherwise place yourself in bodily harm (but that's a given! xD) Also your grip might be a little weak, because of the obvious effects of the aftermath of having a fast heart rate- except it starts while the heart is still chuggin' along. I call this feeling 'profound' because I've always got it after my subconcious has a flashback to a dream I had years ago that felt strongly linked to something that I've long forgotten, which triggered this, and the sensation was sort of like finding the one thing you're looking for, that nothing else matters until you get it. I was, of course, shaking my ass off all day because of the side effects, but damn it if it wasn't awesome. (And hey, its probably like getting high, but legally, and at will! (IMHO it isn't like being high (apparently I've only been high off of anesthetic (while totally asleap lol) but rather just feeling validated in the universe. Quaint or nostalgic is the only word that could come close to descrbing it; another part of the feeling is total security. At that point in time, you know nothing can happen to you with ill effects- you could get shot dead and still be happy.)

I suppose another way to describe it is like the movie we're watching- except rather then a profound sense of sadness, it's happiness. (Happiness just seems wrong for some reason. It's not happy-gleeful kind of happy, but more like contented happy, but a kind of contented that we never know because we've strayed so far from our roots.)

Anyways, without further rant; A Hopeless Universe
A Hopeless Universe

The seven billionth year of the universe has come and gone. It has been over one and a half billion years since the end of the Zero War. In that time, countless planets have risen or fallen, allegiances have changed, and multiple civil wars on a range of scales have waged.

It has also been over six hundred million years, since the end of the Imperial BioAndronian Empire, and the events that took place the fateful night of the Assault of BioAndronia, when the IBAE High Command issued the ultimatum that BioAndronia would not fall, and detonated the most fearsome weapon the universe has seen from within the bowels of their dying planet. This event also marked the darkest day in GDA history: the day where their godlike leader left, and did not return.

The GDA stopped all military activities, pulled back to Pure Planet 14, and created a defensive network that one could daresay put BioAndronia’s former network to shame. Under orders to shoot to kill anything that moved within the system’s free fire zone, the network has denied access to all forms of incursion, including diplomatic forces from a series of new universal assembly. After several such ships were destroyed, the new assembly declared war, but were pushed back by forces that came out of nowhere, with brutal, if not reckless, determination. The war lasted but one week, before it was deemed hopeless, and a single message container was sent out, with a deep apology, and a final attempt at contact. It was monitored from afar, and it was discovered that the message was played back several times, and there was a considerable time between the final recording and its demise. Given these events, the monitoring team concluded that some atrocity had happened to these souls, and elected to leave them alone. (Remember, it was 600,000,000 years since the detonation of the weapon, so few people even remember what happened, and none of them chose to inform the new governments.)

However, a new, militant government has taken hold of the universe, and they have fielded a fleet to break through the solid defensive network around the Forgotten System. This will serve as the flashpoint for the still-enraged forces that have not forgotten that day when they lost everything. As the assaulting fleet draws closer, the defensive network, formed from the remnants of the proud fleets from back in the day, renamed the Remembrance Fleet, only boil hotter and hotter, and as the first missiles break free, the entire system is plunged into a blood bath as countless ships break free of the solid sphere of defenders, and pour out towards the attacking fleet. With numbers that refuses to cease climbing, the 8th Order Fleet is rapidly reduced to nothing, but not before a single, panicked cry is sent out.

‘Emergency. Unknown Fleet numbers far greater then expected. 8th Order Fleet is no more. Do not send reinforcements. Advise defensive operations immediately. We have awoken a nightmare.’

The militant government, refusing to look weak, begins a large offensive to quell this uprising, but a week later one battered ship returns with the same recommendation, stressing they are running out of time. Still refusing to give in, the government sends in fleet after fleet of countless ships, all which return home almost wiped out, if at all. One by one outposts and planets fall silent as the Remberance Fleet pushes forward without stopping. All that is known is that nothing is left behind. From the few surviving ships comes an image of ships that clearly are built to support an invasion, but instead pound relentlessly at the planet. It is decided that the enemy does not intend to conquer any planet, and the order to defend is finally put through.

But it is too late. Far too late. Remberance continues on, decimating fleets without remorse and glassing planets left and right. By now, every galactic government has seen them as a threat to basic survival, and they join in a mutual alliance. A gargantuan fleet is prepared and placed in the path of Remembrance. Not two hours later, planets resume falling silent. Everyone stares at the reports, frozen in utter fear. Nothing can stop this charge. Still, they do not stand down to be consumed. All forces are redeployed to critical locations, and entire planets are evacuated.

Five hundred years later. Over two thousand galactic populations have been eradicated, and a huge swath of galaxies now lies devoid of multicellular planetary life. Everything has been silent for six months. No new developments have occurred. It is as of the enemy has just vanished. For another fourteen years, the alliance stands ready for the worst, but nothing comes. Although the guard is not laxed, the alliance celebrates its fifteenth year since the enemy has stopped. However, above their loud cheering, the sound of silence continues, and Remberance returns from the depths of hell. They come without warning, overpower the local defenses in seconds, and rain death down on the planet. They continue outwards like a plague destroying from within, and yet another galaxy falls. Elsewhere, other galaxies fall in the same manner. The alliance fears the worst, and in a desperate bid for survival allocates everything they have to the furthest reaches of the universe. Galaxy after galaxy of helpless innocents falls to the guns of Remberance.

But Remberance is not the mindless oppressors the alliance believes they are. They have been waiting for this, when the enemy has fixated on aerospace defense, abandoning ground defense. Without warning, they strike at a frontier planet, lonely on the edge of the final galaxy, hanging just outside the normal arc of the galaxy. It is here, on Garrison, that Remberance shocks the alliance, as it swiftly captures the planet intact. They were waiting, they say. They were waiting for us to forget about the land. They remember now, but it is far too late to equip everywhere. Everything is dug in on Hope, the final sanctuary the people have. They can only watch, as planet after planet is taken over, helpless to do anything. Cries for help go unanswered. The final frontier puts up a mighty fight, dragging the war on, delaying the worst.

In year 584 of the Resistance, Remberance reaches Hope, and two awesome fleets engage in the largest battle the universe has ever seen. There is no chain of command. This is the last chance. Small bands of ships work together, but for all practical purposes, Hope’s combat zone is a frenzy for both sides.

As missiles rain toward the planet and are destroyed, the motives of Remberance become clearer and clearer. Intercepted communications and words on the missiles begin to unravel the mystery of Remberance’s actions. After a week of heavy fighting, a communication is sent to all of Hope’s channels.

‘You struggle to discover why we fight. This is your folly. There is nothing to discover, only to remember. The rest of the universe may have forgotten, but we have not. Six hundred million years have not healed the scar inflicted upon us by the tyrannical Imperial BioAndronian Empire. Just as what was dear to us was stolen, so will that which is dear to you. However, we are not the same as those before us. Surrender and submit to our law, and you will retain that which is dear to you. Refuse, and your legacy will die along with you. There are none to remember your actions. There remains only we of the Remberance, and those innocent, of Pure Planet 14, sheltered from all the wars the universe has seen, for two billion years.’

And suddenly, they remember. Overnight, information from times forgotten is unearthed. The motive is clear- Remberance is the remnant of the once beloved GDA Fleets. Remberance was incensed into battle by constant diplomatic incursions. They wanted nothing except to protect their beloved planet, a planet untainted by war or high-level contact. All they wanted, was to remain that way until the gears of existence faltered and halted for good.

‘We remember now, the horrendous events of before. We remember your loss, and offer our most honest respects. However, Hope is all we have left. We do not wish conflict, but we have only known war for the last six hundred years. Our warships are our life. We cannot accept your terms of surrender as they are. You have already erased those who wronged you. Why must we still fight?’

With that communication, the battle for Hope was in full swing. The HDF held out for an amazing four hours before finally being overrun; the ground assault lasted for two days, amidst brutal bombardment. At the last stronghold, it was discovered that the last of the military was holding back a quantum device not unlike that unleashed at BioAndronia. Upon seeing it, Rckt only smiled.

‘That will not end this. You see, all we’ve ever wanted was a way out of our pain.’

Fifteen seconds later, Hope vanished in a huge sphere of quantum energy, destroying all but one ship. That ship belonged to Don G. MOMC, who was the last of the GDA/53rd MCOH. He returned to Pure Planet 14, setting his small craft down on the old GDA base at Novaya Zemlya, and silently slipped from history. However, before he went away, he reactivated a single board deep within the base, and, with a sigh that carried the weight of countless battles, pressed the one button on the board. With that press, Pure Planet 14 was released from the bubble of time that kept it secure for so long, obsolete now that there was none to threaten it. Since the beginning of the R.A.G.E. Project to that moment, Pure Planet 14 had only traveled a century through time. Don G. signed a paper that no eyes would lay on, a paper no other would discover. A paper that was the formal acceptance of Pure Planet 14’s name as Earth.

At the same time Don G. disappeared from history, Bigfoot sightings started back up in force. One ‘den’ was discovered, and liquids recovered. They were shown to be almost identical to the composition of water in the human body, but a tad on the acidic side. The world saw this as proof of a prankster, but the sightings persist. The only photo was taken in low light, of a large, nine foot tall being squatting by a small fire. Although it is not facing the camera, the viewer is filled with a profound sense of sadness, as if the subject has experienced some great loss. The photographer states, under oath, that he could freely approach the campsite, but this same sense of loss made him choose to do otherwise. He also states that at one point as he left, he looked back, and the creature did the same. Although he couldn’t clearly see the face, the murky glow of the eyes was communication enough that the feeling was real, and he swears that the creature smiled just a tad; the eyes seemed to move awkwardly, as if the skin was being stretched because of a smile. There was no way to know for certain because of the darkness, but one claim that is proven by a small but notable gap between the ‘fur’ and the base of the head is that Bigfoot is not some kind of hairy creature, but actually a very, very tall man, possibly of a variety of human. It is outlandish, though, because the sightings have spanned decades, far longer then humans today can live, but is nonetheless the only sensible conclusion.

The one true confirming fact is never spotted- a small blur beside and behind the creature, that is the shadow cast from someone holding a piece of paper.

Sightings typically crawl along for most of the near now, but usually spike during harvest moons and large full moons in the winter. Some witnesses claim to hear the very faint sound of someone crying, and every once in a while a bellow rips through a forest, a bellow that is violent, but seems innocent at the same time, a cry for company during a fit of anger. The only evidence of this is huge swaths of forest laying in ruins, or gigantic shallow craters that could only be formed by pounding.

Earth moves on, blissfully unaware of their new resident’s identity or history, and continues its space program. The words from the movie Contact echo to nobody in particular: “If there’s nothing out there, then that’s an awful waste of space.” There will be no one to come out and say that it’s a huge waste of time, that any habitable planets have been rendered sterile by brutal glassing. Indeed, that there was once a universal community, that rose and fell while they were busy living in fear of primitive nuclear weapons. That one of their own is over two billion years old.


DeviantART: www.project-n25.deviantart.com
www.Lt-Sandstorm.deviantart.com wrote:
Gentlemen! You can't fight in here! This is the War Room.

"I am Forgotten. I am a Defender of Humanity. I risk my very existence every moment of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year. History will be grateful for what I have done, but history will not know who I am, or what I did. I will not be remembered by anyone, anywhere. When I pass on, nobody will know who I was. I live to block the deadly fragments of a grenade; to take a bullet meant for another; to be in harm's way, so that another will not. I exist for the sole purpose of dying. But for what? This is my life, for all it is worth. I am Forgotten."

-Motto of the Forgotten First Legion, 1st Reborn Fleet
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A Hopeless Universe
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